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Dr. Steve Nenninger – Naturopathic Medicine – Port Jefferson, NY

Dr. Steve Nenninger, NMD

what type of doctor: Naturopathic Medicine

Colonoscopies: this doctor does not do colonoscopies

Doctor’s office Address:

109 Randall Avenue
Port Jefferson, New York 11777

Comments About the Doctor:

Dr. Nenninger is an Arizona State Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Connecticut State Licensed Naturopathic Physician, and NYS Certified Nutritionist.

I was first introduced to Dr. Nenninger at one of his lectures about food allergies. There I learned of a new way to treat the UC by eating the right foods.

Dr. Nenninger has a quirky personality within his caring nature. His practice believes in the personal care of his patients by getting to the route source of the problem. His goal is to suppress the disease without the use of harsh chemical medicines.

He is not your ordinary doctor and utilizes today’s technology (email, text msg’s, icloud) to make appointments, track visits, an stay connected with you. I found while under his care I would even receive personal text messages from him to see how I was doing.