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Dr. Stephanie Becker – Naturopathic Physician – Annapolis, MD

Dr. Stephanie J Becker
what type of doctor:   Licensed Physician of Naturopathic Medicine

Doctor’s office Address:
1701 K Street, NW
suite 801
Washington, DC 20006

2014K Renard Ct.
Annapolis, MD 21401
Doctor’s office phone number 202-457-8282


Dr. Becker is not your father’s doctor. Dr. Becker takes ample time to ask questions but not just the normal questions. Dr. Becker is a true practicing scientist. She also takes the time to explain the natural rationale behind the treatment she suggests. The best compliment is that she puts the patient in charge of their healing. If you’re not ready to do the work to get better than you should just stick with a traditional medicine doctor. Most likely the tests and office visits are not covered by insurance but are well worth the money. Dr. Becker is very respectful of this and does not waste time. Dr. Becker is the only doctor who offered a true healing option to my 12 yr old son’s diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease even when the traditional GI’s scoffed at her treatment plan. My son (now 14 yrs old) is enjoying med-free great health and our whole family has learned in the process so we are all much healthier in this journey.

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