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Dr. Siddharth Singh – Gastroenterologist – Rochester, MN

Dr. Siddharth Singh


Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
Mayo Clinic
9th Floor
Rochester, MN

Phone Number: 507-284-2141

Comments About the Doctor:

This physician is the first one I have seen in 10 years who spent time making sure I understood my disease, making sure the diagnosis was accurate, running proper tests and had great bed-side manner. I have seen many doctors over the years and he is by far the best one I have seen. Right now he is a fellow at the Mayo Clinic under Dr. Edward Loftus, Jr. and I hope he stays on as I told him I was looking for a long-term care physician. This is my second Mayo physician for U.C. as my first left and went back to Ireland from what I understand.

Here is a youtube video that Dr. Siddharth Singh recorded talking about inflammatory bowel disease and an increased risk of melanoma. This might give you a feel for what his attitude and personality are like as well:

1 thought on “Dr. Siddharth Singh – Gastroenterologist – Rochester, MN”

  1. Hi, unfortunately Dr. Singh at Mayo had left. He was my Daughter’s doctor for short time and loved him. But he left suddenly, I have no clue what happened. If you find out let us know!

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