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Dr. Shirley Donelson – Gastroenterologist – Jackson, MS

Dr. Shirley Donelson

what type of doctorGastroenterologist
Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy


Address of the doctor

501 Marshall Street Suite 208
Jackson, MS 39202
United States

Doctor’s office phone number (601) 352-2273




At first, I really liked her. She had an air of professionalism about her and really seemed to care about me and my condition. As a few short weeks went by I started feeling ignored. I had a strange reaction to the medicine she gave me and gave her a call. We discontinued the medicine and she told me to give her a call on the following Monday when we could regroup and figure out what to do. I didn’t hear anything for four days (I called several times) and then I finally reached her nurse who told me I only had one option left – Remicade. I have only been diagnosed for a month and a half with UC and the Prednisone was working JUST FINE, so I know that can’t be right. I’m going to get a second opinion.

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