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Dr. Sheryl Fowler – Gastroenterologist – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dr. Sheryl Fowler

what type of doctor: Gastroentrologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Fowler works with Dr. Jones in outpatients
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Comments About the Doctor:

A great Doctor who takes time out of her busy schedule to help you when things are not going so well. When I had a severe flare, I was referred to her by an emergency room doctor. I got in fairly quickly to see her and once I saw her she got the ball rolling on doing tests and eventually Remicade. She is young for a specialist but she is seems to know what she is doing. She has great bedside manner and listens to you when you talk to her.
When I talk with her office staff to pass on messages, they were always helpful and were great in general. She usually returned my calls within a day or two personally. She also rearranged her schedule to get me in for a test to see how my insides were doing.
I believe she and her associate who works with her run the UC and CD clinic at the University so I know she is up to date on all the latest information.
Since I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, I don’t have to worry about insurance covering expenses, the provincial Health care covers everything.

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