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Dr. Russell Cohen – Gastroenterologist – Chicago, IL

Dr. Russell Cohen

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

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Dr. Russell Cohen-Gastroenterologist- Chicao, IL
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 5 reviews
 by Longtime UC patient
In remission

I've read the other reviews and before you rule out Dr Cohen, please read mine. I've had UC for over 20 years and he is the only GI to have gotten me into remission. He is at the forefront of research and knows everything about IBD. He's been practicing a long time and is involved in critical areas of research, and by being involved in that research his patients have early access to information and treatments. I was one of the first patients on Entyvio because of his own work and familiarity with the drug, and I'm enjoying this period of remission . He is thorough in his visits with me, doesn't make me feel rushed in any way, and answers all of my questions fully. We are a team in that he gives advice and listens to my input and from there we make choices and decisions. No one is perfect and I'll admit it took me a little bit to catch on to his sense of humor, but I now appreciate it. It's often times very hard to have a sense of humor with this disease, but I've learned that he's trying to help me make the best of a rather tough situation. He does, however, take my care seriously and I believe he wants me to be healthy as much as I do. He's passionate about his field and his work, and I'll stay in his care for as long as I'm able because access to his expertise is critical in managing my illness.

 by Valerie

Do not go see him! Arrogant and pompous! I took my son to him for a second opinion. His gastro wants him on Remicade and I thought it wise to get a second opinion. a waste of time and money. Rude. I agree with all other reviews here. find someone else !!

 by Erin Unander

I am a 36 years old mom, wife, teacher, marathon runner and sufferer of ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed three years ago and have yet to find a doctor that can alleviate my severe symptoms. My husband recently did research and found Dr. Russell. I called immediately and was thrilled to have found a doctor that could help me. I gave them all my information and had coverage for my classes. However, the afternoon before I was to go in for my appointment, I received a message from Dr. Russell's nurse that if I didn't have my medical records in their office by 9:30 am, they would just send me home. I frantically called my former gastro and asked if they could fax my records to his office. They said yes, as long as Dr. Russell or his staff would send a fax with the request. Dr Russel and his staff REF-- USED to send a fax and ask for it. They said that they had a specific way of asking for medical records. I called again crying asking to speak to the nurse and I was told that they had already canceled my appointment. I explained that I was living in pain, that I had never told about the medical records and that I had already scheduled a sub for the day. I also told them that all hey had to do was send a fax with my name, date of birth, and request for medical records. I even told them the medical record dept was waiting by the fax machine for my request. The receptionist apologized repeatedly but told me that the office closed at 5 and the nurse did not have enough time to handle it. I would rather live in pain than ever visit this practice. It makes me so sad when doctors see you as an appointment time rather than a person.

 by Kristen

I started seeing Dr. Cohen because he was supposed to be the best in the country and my doctor had exhausted all the drug options and I didn’t want surgery. I did get better and have not had a flare up in years, but I never feel like he is invested in my health. He has no bedside manner. He cracks jokes that are inappropriate and he thinks he is being funny, but it comes off as being arrogant and insensitive. You have to book an appointment three months in advance just to get in. When I had to cancel an appointment once, they threatened not refill my medication. On multiple occasions, I called in and left a message with the nurse and did not get a call back. I have not had a flare up in years, but they insist in seeing me every three months to bill my insurance and waste my time or they won’t refill my medication.

 by Julie

While Dr. Cohen is very knowledgable, he is also very pompous and thinks that the patient knows nothing at all. When my daughter got C-Diff (even though she was on Remicade and had previously been doing better), he did not test her for C-Diff, and immediately put her on steroids. Only after several calls did the nurse order a test for C-Diff, only all of the doctors were out of town. A fellow did call with the results, but Dr. Cohen did not find it necessary to check back with her and see how she was doing, and try to wean her off of steroids. During her colonoscopy, he couldn't keep her under anesthesia, and when she remarked that maybe they could use something else the next time, since she could see her colon on the screen, he looked at her and said, "Well, next time we will just turn you over so that you can't see your colon". As I said, he's very knowledgeable, but his bedside manners could use some work. Some peop le really like him, but for younger female patients, I think someone else could be a better fit.