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Dr. Peter Legnani – Gastroenterologist – New York, NY

Dr. Peter Legnani

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist


Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy


Doctor’s office Address:
1751 York Avenue
New York, NY 10128

Phone Number: 212-369-2490


Comments About the Doctor:

Dr. Legnani has great bed side manner. He’s polite and respectful. He takes the time to listen and explain. He’s patient. And doesn’t pressure me to do anything I don’t want to, like taking new medications.

The staff is busy so they might seem rude at first, but they are not. They are really helpful, get things done quickly, and remember who you are when you call. I never wait long in the office to be seen.

Dr. Legnani does procedures in the office too which makes it helpful. He’s part of Mt. Sinai so the hospital is not far. They also do blood tests in the office too.

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