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Dr. Peter Klein – Colorectal Surgeon – Toledo, OH

Dr. Peter Klein
what type of doctor:   Colon and Rectal Surgeon
3909 Woodley Road Suite 800
Toledo, Ohio 43606
United States

Phone number is 419-291-2800
Fax number is 419-471-5826

comments about doctor:
Very professional and gets straight to the point. When I first met him in the hospital, 6 months before I actually had surgery, he happened to be my favorite doctor/surgeon I saw there. He took the time every day to come up and discuss my surgery options, even though I wasn’t interested. He would sit there with me and answer any questions I have or just to talk to me about things. So 6 months later when I decided to have surgery, I knew exactly who I wanted. The other surgeons that work with him are also very nice and professional. They are quick to get you into your appointment – not much waiting room time.


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