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Dr. Peter Bampton – Gastroenterologist – Bedford Park, SA

Dr. Peter Bampton
what type of doctor: Associate Professor Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
Tennyson Gastroenterology, 520 South Road,
Kurralta Park and Flinders Medical Centre,
Bedford Park
South Australia

Doctor’s office phone number: (08) 8292 2370

I have always found Peter Bampton to be very honest, professional and informative about statistics and research that has been done for Ulcerative Colitis with different medications, procedures etc. I have also heard Peter Bampton speak at a Crohn’s and Colitis Presentation evening at Flinders Medical Centre which was very informative, I came away knowing that there are others with similar thoughts and feelings as mine and I felt well informed especially as I had been recently diagnosed with UC.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Peter Bampton – Gastroenterologist – Bedford Park, SA”

  1. Yes I thought he was great in those areas too. I was a tad discouraged though when I began asking about dietary shifts to help support my UC, and he said there was little point and it wouldn’t be overly helpful, stick to the meds. As it turned out, there was a HUGE point and its helped my symptoms by 50%. While I went to see the dietitian they recommended when I said I wanted to investigate anyway, it was heavy on processed foods and really unhealthy choices in my opinion. Biscuits, powerade, rice bubbles. I think the point was really easily digested foods maybe? Very nutritionally void though. I have been following a fresh, healthy, anti inflammatory diet and its been great.

  2. I cannot praise him enough and disagree with him not supporting dietary changes to help UC but maybe three years later research has supported the view of diets, he encouraged me to look at Monash Universities FODMAP and I have since found what foods I can and cannot eat, my last Colonoscopy this year found no sign of UC – I am on meds too, low dose of Mezavant. It took me years to be diagnosed, only wish I found Dr Bampton earlier!

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