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Dr. Paul Lebovitz – Gastroenterologist – Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Paul Lebovitz

what type of doctor: gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy


Allegheny General Hospital- Digestive Health Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Dr. Lebovitz is a straight to the point doctor. He doesn’t really care about feelings at all and will tell it like it is. I’d say he needs a lesson in manners and how to talk to sick people. If you prefer a doctor with a kind bedside manner, he is not the doctor for you.

He is very professional and his office staff is nice. Most of his patients are IBD sufferers.

I have Highmark insurance and paid a copay each time I went in. It was easy to get in for scopes and appointments.

He is very into using the typical pyramid of medications so don’t expect him to be open to alternative therapies.

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Dr. Paul Lebovitz
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 3 reviews
 by Julie
Amazing GI Physician

Amazing Physician, kind, caring, and Very knowledgeable. Explained everything to me in detail. Gave me options, and treated me like I was a member of his family. I have seen many Physicians for UC and now have found the best.

 by Michael Noonan
Liver Disease and Hep-C

Dr. Levovitz is a wonderful and compassionate doctor who has risen to the top of his field. Most of his patients suffer from digestive disorders and just do not feel good most of the time. Dr Lebovitz has a hard job and does it with the upmost professionalism. I will admit some prejudice because he has saved my life twice with his diagnostic capabilities.

 by DP

Dr. Lebovitz is an arrrogant doctor who thinks he knows almost everything about IBD. He is far more concerned about his marketing and image of himself in Pittsburgh than he is about caring for patients. He does not even take the time to fully understand the patient's history. In my case, he didn't even bother to read the charts describing my six years of UC from my prior GI doctor. He also never listened when I told him I had left side UC and instead kept saying I had proctitis.

He forces needless colonoscopies to be done simply because he owns a stake in the endoscopy clinic that he does that out of. He made me get one even when I wasn't in a bad flare and I had just had one done six months earlier by a very highly respected GI doc.

He follows a rote plan with seemingly every patient. And does not alter the course when things do not work. He and his office are very negligent at following through and returning patient's calls. In addition they allow patients to remain anemic and dehydrated. After acknowledging a patient needs iron infusions or iv hydration based on test results, they neglect to follow through, despite the patient making repeated calls to the office.

Worse yet, if you get into a flare, and call the office to get an appointment, they will not schedule you one for several months. And then, unlike my previous GI, they do not even work over the phone to prescribe medicines properly and care for you while you are in a flare. Even after repeatedly calling the office multiple times a day, they still do not give you an appointment, nor do anything to advise as to what to do about the massive flare you are in. Except, they did prescribe proctofoam for my massive left sided UC flare. Definitely, they had no clue how to care for an IBD patient. Instead, they allow your condition to continue to worsen and worsen, until you are forced to go to the emergency room. At that point in time.. for me.. it was too late.. and I ended up having to have emergency surgery. Thank you Dr. :Lebovitz.

If you have a jpouch.. he is definitely not the doctor for you. He pretends he knows how to care for patients with jpouches, but in all reality he just throws darts at a dart board with no real plan, letting patients continue to suffer. He knows so little that he reverts to telling patients that their problems are psychological and refers you to a therapist. Instead of admitting he is "over-practicing"and doesn't have enough knowledge to treat jpouch patients, he forces patients to suffer until they find this out and eventually seek help from more expert doctors.

He does take insurance that more highly rated doctors in the area don't take. That is why I was forced to switch to his care, when my insurance changed and I had to leave a very very good GI doctor who had successfully managed my disease for six years. Interestingly enough less than six months under Dr. Lebovitz' care I was forced to have emergency surgery to remove the colon. That alone.. says what kind of doctor he is.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Lebovitz – Gastroenterologist – Pittsburgh, PA”

  1. I’m sorry to hear your woes with this doc. I have been through a few myself and really like working with Dr. Leonard Baidoo at the UPMC IDB Team in Oakland. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I just have to take the time to add him to this site and post an informative review.

  2. I agree with above-I have a total proctocolectomy/w a J-pouch and was treated same way.Not specialty care or knowledge in advancements provided by Dr.Lebovitz. So I moved.

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