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Dr. Ofer Feder – Gastroenterologist – Mechanicsville, VA

Dr. Ofer Feder


Colonoscopies:  Dr. Feder can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
8266 ATLEE RD STE 230

Doctor’s office phone number: (804) 730-0792



Dr. Feder is very professional and a great listener. He takes the time to let you talk and will explain everything to you in detail. Dr. Feder uses charts while he talks to you to help explain your problem and where it is in terms of your condition (body/stomach). Your wait time in the office to see him is not longer than 10 minutes. He works with most insurances as I have changed mine 3 times since being his patient. During you visit you will feel very much at ease.

1 thought on “Dr. Ofer Feder – Gastroenterologist – Mechanicsville, VA”

  1. Dr. I have had j ouch for 32 years. Many blockages and trips to ER. Lately I think
    Have a different pain like a staple is coming through. I pitch baseballs year round. Could I have tore one and iit is causing pain. What
    Can I do??

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