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Dr. Nitin Gupta – Gastroenterologist – Atlanta, GA

Dr. Nitin Gupta
what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist
Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy
Doctor’s office Address: Atlanta Gastroenterology
Emory Saint Joseph’s
5671 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone Number: 404-257-9000

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Dr. Nitin Gupta - Gastroenterologist
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 by Elizabeth

I was diagnosed with UC in 2011 and suffered for 3 years with an incapable GI doctor. I was on every drug imaginable and getting worse and worse until my original doctor wanted to take my colon out. I found Dr. Gupta in 2014, and in 8 months he had me off all the heavy biologics/steroids and had me in remission with just two meds a day and no colectomy needed. I can’t stress enough how smart, professional, resourceful, caring, understanding, and on top of his game this doctor is. He only sees crohn’s and ulcerative colitis patients because he specializes in inflammatory bowel disease. Initially he became my doctor when he started his career at UMC in Mississippi, but has since moved to Atlanta and I still continue to drive 12 hours round trip to see him. Many of his patients drive from much further to continue to be in his care. The office works well with insurance, particularly BCBS. I’ve referred many patients to him that were sick for so long who have thrived under his care. He is a life saver.

1 thought on “Dr. Nitin Gupta – Gastroenterologist – Atlanta, GA”

  1. My experience

    I asked Dr Gupta’s assistant Kashanda to give my message for Dr Gupta to call me over 2 days ago after the staff cancelled critical surgery as I have excessive internal GO tract bleeding and has become worse and my blood in 8 months plummeted to a horrible low level. I have blood clots, blood vessels are rupturing, nausea and vomiting, black to dark mahogany color stools, cannot eat, losing 1 lbs a day, pain is so intense, veins hurt, bones hurt, cannot focus or sleep now.

    4 days no calls at all nor email responses by my doctor when I left emails 4 days ago as well as phone messages including 1 with his assistant to give him. At this point, I had to call Northside Hospital Chief Medical Officer Office for guidance which they did give me which I found out the staff can be charged with patient abandonment for all the emails I have plus a witness who heard the entire call with the staff member Rodney who cancelled my appt the day before then tried to tell me the next day afternoon that I had on 48 hrs to go to the hospital for surgery after he cancelled the appt causing me (who lives over 2 hours away) to cancel my driver, hotel, family, pet sitter, etc. Then I told him no way to get everything in time done in 48 hrs especially since the driver was now in another state as he was cancelled. I requested the 1st available in April and Rodney said nothing until Mid May even when I told him my situation and the criticality I am in as my doctor told me that my situation was serious with my blood loss and we needed to get the procedure done especially with my cancer history.

    Never been this badly treated ever. Truly patient abandonment and I intend to follow through in reporting the staff’s horrible conduct to the State Medical Board as advised by the Northside Hospital CMO office

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