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Dr. Nelson Lim – Gastroenterologist – Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Nelson Lim

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Arizona Center for Digestive Health, PLLC

2680 S Val Vista Dr Suite 116
Gilbert, AZ 85295
(480) 507-5678

Comments About Dr. Nelson Lim:

Dr Lim is a young, bright, very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and kind and extremely professional doctor. His staff is pleasant and reliable. Dr. Lim works in a practice with some other top GI docs who do research and are well respected in their field. He is my 3rd GI and a keeper! I’m not exactly sure how much UC he treats, but he knows what he’s doing and will research anything you “heard” about. The office takes a wide variety of insurances, personally I have an Aetna PPO. If you live in the east valley of Phoenix, I would totally recommend him.

1 thought on “Dr. Nelson Lim – Gastroenterologist – Gilbert, AZ”

  1. Hi I went to digestive health and I really feel they don’t know what they are 32 male diagnosed UC for two years I went to digestive health right out of hospital and they had me on 1 tablet of asacol 800hd in morning and night. I was diagnosed with pan colitis which is very severe! I didn’t get better at all and was in the office every three weeks with no help. Then my last appointment the nurse went out the room and told the doctor “hey the tattoo guy is ready ” I could hear through the walls! Then the doctor referred to me as the “tattoo guy” too! I heard him. Enough was enough I left and went to a great GI who modified my medication and I’ve been in remission for a year now

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