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Dr. Mohammed Chowdhury – Gastroenterologist – Enyon, PA

Dr. Mohammed Chowdhury

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
681 Scranton Carbondale Highway,
Eynon, PA 18403

Doctor’s office phone number: (570) 876-5900


Personable, but I’m not sure this guy really knows much about UC. He tells me my symptoms are atypical yet on this website and many others they are all typical. He and his P.A. never take notes. I have to repeat the same things each time I see him. I have a history of reacting badly to most medications (even over the counter stuff) and should be given the lowest dosage to start. He always over medicates and then I end up worse off than I started. He’s not open to SCD but I choose to eat that way anyway. I know it helps. His partner who’ve I requested several times is open to diet and probiotics and seems much more knowledgeable, however they rarely let me see him. Snippy little Paris Hilton wannabe P.A. looked over her shoulder at me (another thing, she had her back to me the whole time I was talking) and said, “You know, there’s no medicine for frustration.” In other words, “stop complaining.” Dr. comes in and says I need to relax about all these symptoms. Relax about filling the toilet with blood and fluids every morning? Relax about feeling like shit all the time? Relax about having to get up an hour early just so I can sit on the toilet for an hour and a half before I get dressed for work? Relax about having to go to bed at 8:00pm because I’m so exhausted from the day?

Also, in the recovery room after my last colonoscopy they tried pushing sugary fake orange juice and cranberry juice at me. Aside from the detriment to my guts, sugar makes me highly anxious. I asked for water. They said very curtly they didn’t have any and sent me home. WTF?

A typical office visit is rushed. They can’t wait to get rid of you. Especially if it’s in the afternoon and they want to get out of there. I’d love to find someone else, but in my area and within the preferred list that my medical insurance will pay for, I don’t have many options.

1 thought on “Dr. Mohammed Chowdhury – Gastroenterologist – Enyon, PA”

  1. This Team I feel saved my life. 1st visit Found 5 plyps 3 cancer poss.cancer. second found more 2 cancer poss. 3 rd visit aok I am now Cancer free.

    here is how this started:
    My sister had same Cancer at aprox same time She is now Dead. I mentioned this to my Dr. and he said we had better go for a colonoscopy even though my cell test showed no cancer none
    This DR, took the time to have me come back 3 times to make extra sure I was ok, and my Ins didn’t pay him full price. I was discounted at there office. blessings Ralph Muscarelle

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