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Dr. Mitchell Flaxman – Gastroenterologist – Jupiter, FL

Dr. Mitchell Flaxman, MD

what type of doctor: gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

1002 S Old Dixie Highway, Jupiter, FL, USA

Phone Number: 561-744-2200

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Dr. Mitchell Flaxman - Gastroenterologist - Jupiter, FL
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 2 reviews
 by Shannon Felton
Terrible Billing Practices

I had great service with the Doctor, However the billing department is horrible. I received several bills 2 years later because they had mistakes on their on with insurance. I had been in an out the office several times. This is a huge fail on their part. Now after two years they want me to pay the difference on the charge. Horrible Customer Relations. They should eat the cost as it was their mistake not mine. I can no longer go back on my insurance as it out of the insured year. JUST HORRIBLE SERVICE!

 by Jeannie

Dr. Flaxman is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and capable. He listened to all my symptoms, asked questions to learn more, and was familiar with the symptoms I described. Even after only meeting him once, he remembered everything I told him from the previous visit weeks before (ie: I hoped to have another baby one day). When he performed the flex. sig., he was so familiar with what he saw that he told me (even before getting the biopsy results back) that he was sure it was going to be colitis. He has treated many UC, Crohn's, proctitis, etc. patients. He was very encouraging about the UC being treatable and had a positive attitude, which rubbed off on me. He explained everything clearly, in easy-to-understand words, and even stopped to ask if I understood several times and asked me to interrupt him if I had questions about what he said.

On top of my personal impressions, it seems that everyone who finds out I am seeing Dr. Flaxman can't say enough good things about their own experiences with him or how he helped someone they knew who was suffering.

His office staff is nice and caring, and the wait time has never been long for an appointment. They actually called me after the biopsy results were back and squeezed me in before his first appointment the next day so that I didn't have to wait weeks to get in.

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