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Dr. Min and Dr. Hilfert – Gastroenterologist – Walter Reed National Military Hospital Bethesda, Maryland

Dr. Min and Dr. Heifer



Walter Reed National Military Hospital
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
8901 Wisconsin Avenue | Bethesda, MD 20889-5600

Phone: 1-800-526-7101 | (301) 295-4611




They were all AMAZING. It was actually the “General Peds Chief Attending Resident” that went searching for me, FOUND your sight, and gave me the heads up to check it out. I havent posted anything yet because Ive litterally been home…like a week now. Also my GIs gave me (along with other like teacher specific brochures for when I go back to school) a brochure for a summer camp for kids not too far from where I live. The only ones that can “get in” are IBD kids (Chrones allowed too :p). And it looks…fun. Unfortunately for me I’ll only get one summer there before I’m technically no longer a “minor” in just over a year now. But…I am looking forward to it. The nurses taking care of me were just as amazing too. They would come in and talk to me just cuz and the night team even (because they knew I wasnt sleeping and they were playing anyway cause they were board) offered to let me play with them . Like they were all just THAT amazing. For anyone who can (I know-Its the US Army)…..Use them. Please.

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