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Dr. Karen Papay – Gastroenterologist – Penticton, British Columbia

Dr. Karen Papay


Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

110-2504 Skaha Lake Rd

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

Phone Number: (250) 492-3511

Dr Papay is a young, soft spoken gastroenterologist. She is very nice and does explain things thoroughly to the patient (me). I believe, however, that she is simply ‘too busy’ and has too many patients to see. She cannot spend the time that a patient sometimes wants or requires, to attend to everything a patient may want to ask or talk about.

She goes by the book when it comes to medications and treatment, however, she is open to listening to what the patient has to say about alternative therapies such as probiotics and natural remedies. In the end, though, she would like it done her way. I know she is the expert, as are all specialists, so I guess that’s they way most of them are. She is very professional and friendly at the same time.

I certainly prefer her to the last gastro that I had, who was very pompous, and did not listen to me at all.

I would recommend her as far as gastros go!

2 thoughts on “Dr. Karen Papay – Gastroenterologist – Penticton, British Columbia”

  1. Hello i am a 24 years old and I recently had a colonoscopy from Dr. Papay, I was not pleased and i was really offended by her because she did not see anything that she thought could cause the problems i am having, so she blames it on my history of mental illness (depression) and says i have a psychological problem that makes me feel pain when there is none. She seemed more interested in my mental well being than actually doing something to help me with my stomach problems! During the procedure Dr. Papay and two nurses told me to shut up and be quiet when i was screaming in pain, then they finally sedated me again. I feel that my history of mental illness (depression) got in the way of an actual diagnoses and this type of discrimination needs to stop before someone gets seriously hurt! DO NOT SEE THIS DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi honey. I live in Kelowna. I have just two weeks ago been diagnosed with UC. I have had numerous conoscopys and they saw nothing then boom it hit me. I don’t know how it could magically appear. Maybe yours is the same I don’t know. If u are under alot of stress this could cause your extreme stomach pain. I know most of mine is and was stress. Don’t let the neg of their pointing the finger about your depression get to you. It’s just more stress. Probiotics apple cider vinegar and tumeric are helping me settle everything down until I get my next conoscopy. See if you can get a referral to Kelowna. Maybe your experience will be dif. I’m 66 and I’ve been fighting for an answer for probably 7 years. I hear you. Just work on your stress that’s the best medicine. Deb

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