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Dr. Joon – Gastroenterologist – Seoul, Korea

Dr. Joon

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Soonchunhyang University Hospital

59, Daesagwon-ro (657 Hannam-dong), Yongsan-gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone Number: 02-709-9158

Comments About the Doctor:

I have had Dr. Joon as my GI doctor for about a year now. I do not speak Korean, and this has never been an issue, as her English is great.

She is very caring and seems to genuinely want me to be healthy and do well. She listens to me and answers my questions fully. When I ask about alternative treatments, such as diet, probiotics, etc. she is open to these options and discusses them with me. When I have questions or concerns, I will leave a message at the international clinic, and Dr. Joon herself will call me back.

I never feel rushed during my appointments. She is very professional and appropriate.

The office staff is helpful, and there is an international clinic at the hospital that offers translators if necessary (as I said though, with Dr. Joon it is not needed). I recently spent a week in hospital here for some complications, and the staff was caring and respectful.

In terms of insurance, Korean healthcare is incredibly cheap. I have insurance through my job. Because UC is considered a rare disease here, I only pay 10% for doctor’s visits, medicine, etc. (For example, I paid about $500 total for my 8 days in hospital, everything included- medicine, tests, etc… Without insurance the total would have been about $2000 US total.)

I highly recommend Dr. Joon for anyone living in Seoul, I don’t know if I would be able to live and thrive here without her quite honestly.

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  1. Hi – When were you living in Korea? I need to see a DR like mentioned above and was wondering if this article is resent?

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