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Dr. John Sekijima – Gastroenterologist – Everett, Washington

Dr. John Sekijima


Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy



The Everett Clinic,

Gunderson Bldg,

Everett Washington

Phone Number: (425) 339-5421

Dr. Sekijima is the best GI doctor I have had, and like most people with UC, I have had a few different ones. I was sent to him after I was in the hospital in 2008 with Pancreatitis (I still believe it was caused by Canasa). He is constantly on the list of Top Doctors in Washington State. He is understanding and helpful, he is supportive of my decisions to try alternative medicines rather than just pushing the next drug. He is very comforting, he doesn’t treat me like patient number blah blah, he actually treats me like a person. My family trusts him and I have a couple of friends that work with him and they love it that he is my doctor, they wouldn’t want me to be with any other doctor. His office is very helpful, they take all insurances that I know of, and they really work hard for the patient. The only down fall is that he is great so it can take a while to get in to him, sometimes it takes a few hours to get a nurse to call back, but overall I am VERY happy and would not want to be with another Doctor.

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