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Dr. John Howard – Gastroenterologist

Dr. John Howard
what type of doctor: gastroenterologist


Zone B, Level 1

Paediatric Medical Day Unit

Children’s Hospital
800 Commissioners Rd. East
London, ON, Canada


very good doctor and very friendly. He keeps up on the latest research and is very intelligent so can offer you a lot of help. He has very many patients though so he may not always remember you and is always very busy.

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1 thought on “Dr. John Howard – Gastroenterologist”

  1. I think i can speak for most of his patients. Most or all were in pretty severe shape before we were lucky enough to find this awesome ( pick your adjective ) doctor. Myself i was pretty much just trying to pass the days untill…Well u can guess where I am going with this..He litereally saved me…Unfortunally this great Doc ,, more so a great man is retiring soon..He will b sorely missed by everyone..I know there r other Docs ,, Dr Howard is one of a kind ,,, He will b missed…Sorry to see u go ,,,, I will never forget what u did for me.. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Bill Hewlett…

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