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Dr. John Clements – Gastroenterologist – Davidson, NC

Dr. John Clements

what type of doctor: Gastrointestinal Medicine

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

705 Griffith Street, Suite 205
Davidson, North Carolina 28036

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Dr. John Clements
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 by Caroline

Dr. Clements was who diagnosed me with UC. I had been having issues for some time, but once I let my Primary Care doc know that her plan didn't work, he was able to fit me in within about 10 days. I talked to his nurse first, who assured me that I had diverticulitis. Dr. Clements came in, and within about 3 minutes of hearing my story told me I had UC. He told me that he would do a colonoscopy to diagnose me formally, but that UC was what I had. I asked if stress or diet played a part in it, and he said not at all and that the material he would give me would explain everything. He gave me a pamphlet about UC, and a $400 prescription for Canasa and sent me on my way. His assistant scheduled me for a colonoscopy 2 weeks from that day, and told me the Canasa would be expensive but that they were out of coupons and samples.

By the time my colonoscopy came around, I was super sick and was running a 102 fever, plus my heart rate was 140 bpm. I did not see Dr. Clements until I was in the room and about to go under, which wasn't a big deal. He came in quickly once I was awake and told my husband and I that my colon "was very angry" and gave me a prescription for flagyl, cipro, and prednsione. I asked if I would gain weight from those and he said I wouldn't if I watched what I ate (I had lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks). 2 weeks later, without reaching out to see how I was doing, he called in a prescription for Asacol for me (that would cost 400 out of pocket). I found out when the pharmacy called me to tell me it was ready. At that point I decided I needed a doctor that was more participatory in my care.

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