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Dr. John Canio – Gastroenterologist – Roseville, CA

John Canio
what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist
Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy
Doctor’s office Address: *4 Medical Plaza Drive
Ste 205
Roseville, CA
Phone Number: 916-965-9650

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Dr. John Canio
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 by AJ6504

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I was a patient with this Doctor for two years , Dr Canio wasn't able to help me with my gastrointestinal condition after two year it's become worse Dr Canio didn't seem to care I had two colonoscopy preceedures scheduled with him both canceled a few days before my appointment the last conversation I had with his office I was told he wasn't taking my insurance and I'd need to find another Dr. 2 days before a scheduled colonoscopy, I suffer from severe pancolitis and needed to have this procedure to either move on to a new medication or have surgery it's imperative i have these tests in a timely manner because i have a higher risk of colorectal cancer when they knew they couldnt do my colonoscopy I should of been notified so I could find another provider I believe Dr Canio didn't care to treat me I believe he's uncomfortable treating African Americans, this doctors evasive, uncaring dismissive and has put my health at risk  


 by Nikki

Dr. Canio is very hard to reach. His assistant Ashley is top-notch, always calling me back promptly, always showing an above average degree of concern for my comfort and wellness. But with every single office visit I have with Dr. Canio, he limits our discussion to maybe five minutes. Last time I was in his office I asked for a medicine I had heard of that helps with reducing urgency (dicyclomine), and he told me there is a better one that he would prescribe. I had some other concerns as well, and he didn’t write any of them down. When we went to the desk to talk to his assistant about what we had discussed, he failed to mention the urgency medication, and he was talking so quickly and I was so emotional that I missed that omission until I got to my car. When I went back in to ask for the medicine, he had already left the office, and I had forgotten the name of the stuff, so I had to describe it as a “dicyclomine alternative.” It took me a week and three trips back to the office to finally get it prescribed. My pharmacy is out of the drug and I’m still waiting. Also, I had told him I had been prescribed 60mg of Prednisone at the ER the week before and I didn’t know how he wanted me to taper. He forgot to prescribe me more Prednisone as well, even though I told him that the ER had only written me a five day supply!! I was lucky to have had some leftovers at home. It took those same three trips to get the Prednisone prescribed as well. I’ve been flaring for about ten months now, and it took his office 6 months to switch me to a new biologic (Xeljanz), which hasn’t been working, Donnie I’m going to try Humira, but last time I saw Canio he jumped to “if Humira doesn’t work we might as well not even bother with Remicade because the two drugs are so similar. At that point, if Humira fails, we should talk surgery.” I don’t want any second thoughts. I want to exhaust all my options before surgery so I don’t have an remorse about that drastic decision. He referred me to a colorectal surgeon, which is probably a good idea, but the surgeon has a dumb phone system that doesn’t accept messages, and so if you get their outgoing message during business hours (which so far that’s all I’ve gotten), you have to keep calling back. Totally frustrating and unprofessional. We are in the 21st century! I can’t leave a message and you can’t be bothered to call me back?? I’ve got no faith in your abilities or concern for my welfare so far. The surgeon he referred me to is Dr. Connor. I think Dr. Canio has too many patients. He also showed up to my colonoscopy (first one scheduled in his day) 10-15 minutes late. My last office visit he was running 45 minutes behind. I need more.

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