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Dr. Jeremy Ryan – Gastroenterologist – Brighton, Victoria Australia

Dr. Jeremy Ryan

what type of doctorGastroenterologist
Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
Suite 5, 2 Church St., Brighton, Victoria 3186,  Australia


Doctor’s office phone number:  61 3 9591 0466

Comments about Dr. Jeremy Ryan:

Dr Jeremy Ryan, my gastroenterologist is wonderful! I was so pleased that he takes a very holistic approach to colitis sufferers and encourages patients to follow the FODMAP diet, which has been life changing for me. He is very professional and caring, and actually has time to listen to, and answer my thousands of questions that I have had re: colitis. Dr Ryan also does food intolerance tests i.e.: lactose, fructose etc through the Alfred hospital.

An initial consultation was around $120 but medicare pay $80 so you are only out of pocket $40, and then every visit after that is $80 and I think medicare pay $60 so only out of pocket $20. Bargain!

So much cheaper than my previous gastroenterologist and so much more professional, caring, and realizes that diet helps colitis sufferers so much (my previous gastroenterologist gave no guidance on diet and literally told me that diet had nothing to do with helping to heal the gut, it was all about prescription medication…)

Would highly recommend this gastroenterologist if you are living in the Melbourne Area!!!

5 thoughts on “Dr. Jeremy Ryan – Gastroenterologist – Brighton, Victoria Australia”

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve had Uc for about 3 years now & all the meds my gastroenterologist has
    given me have stopped working. He’s referred me to the Alfred hospital to see the gastroenterology department there.. Was reading your comment about your dr & the info you have left here.. If you could give me more information that will be great.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Roza,
    I am also in Melbourne and looking for alternative an gastroenterologist. I am happy with mine, but just like to have a second opinion for things. Did yo have any luck in finding one you were happy with as well? We could perhaps exchange details of our doctors.

    1. Hi Timmy,
      I had to have surgery to remove the entire colon, was very sick & there was no other option for me. I had it done @ the Alfred hospital. I’m very happy with my surgerons I couldn’t of asked for a better team that I have.. I have two more surgeys to go the last 1 will be where they connect things up & remove the bag.. It’s been life changing for me must say I’m not sick how I was when I had UC, such a terrible disease. Befor I was advise to the Alfred my gastroenterologist was Dr.Steven Colt from Keilor private.. He’s a good doctor just couldn’t help me towards the end where no meds helped me nor the trial meds.. If you have further questions I’m more then happy to help.


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