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Dr. James Lusby – Gastroenterologist – Amarillo, TX

Dr. James Lusby
what type of doctor:  GI – gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies- this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic 6700 SW 9th Ave
Amarillo, Texas 79015
United States
Doctor’s office phone number:  (806) 358-0200


Dr. Lusby is a very compassionate and understanding doctor. He is conservative but will be aggressive when the situation calls for it. When in his office, you never feel like he’s rushed. He takes his time and listens to you, even takes into account your personal opinions as to what you are feeling. His exams are very thorough. He will sit and explain exactly what he is seeing and thinking concerning your symptoms, and in layman’s terms too! He is quick to smile and offer encouragement. Always friendly and open to conversation. He is located in the Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic which means blood work, lab tests and even colonoscopies are done in house. The staff is courteous and professional. The nurses are wonderful as well. There are a number of specialists in the clinic with great reputations as well. I also see a rheumatologist there who has been very helpful in treating my joint pain. All the doctors seem to have a good working relationship with each other and will consult together on cases. I feel like I am receiving the best care possible.

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