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Dr. Harrison Shull – Gastroenterologist – Nashville, TN

Dr. Harrison Shull


Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Heritage Medical Center
222 22nd Ave,
Nasville, TN

Phone Number: 615-324-2156



I met him after suffering two years after being misdiagnosed. He is very direct and to the point. He doesn’t pull any punches and is not for everyone. I love him! He is 100% professional 100% of the time. He is a fantastic listener and ask about your diet, exercise, lifestyle and stress types. The entire staff is fantastic from the reception desk to billing. I deal with his nurse a lot and she gets back to me right away and always understands my urgency. The work very well with insurance and except many types. He has many UC clients and is very understanding.

1 thought on “Dr. Harrison Shull – Gastroenterologist – Nashville, TN”

  1. I just saw Dr. Harrison Shull today as a new patient and he seems very professional, and conservative in treatment. Although I’m not currently in a flare, we discussed how he would proceed in the future if I do have another flare, and he explained how he would always do stool samples before prescribing anything (I’ve had gastros put me on Flagyl in the past without even testing to see if I had a bacterial infection), and would never jump straight into aggressive treatment without first fully understanding the problem. We also discussed diet, and stress, and he thought that the anti-inflammation diet I’m on is “practically perfect.” He is very direct, does not engage in any small talk, and seemed rushed (I guess most doctors are), but you can see that he is kind and very competent. I’m glad I found a good new gastroenterologist!

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