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Dr. Harold Dhaliwal – Gastroenterologist – Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Harold Dhaliwal

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus
1053 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Dr. Harold Dhaliwal
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 1 reviews
 by Cindy

I have been seeing this Dr since 2013 and have become more and more frustrated! I have had issues in speaking to him about how my meds aren't working for me only to be told I have to take those... I know there are other options! I have UC and the internet... come on!! I have been denied a life insurance policy because I guess he didn't have the time to sign the piece of paper (that was already filled out) and return it to the insurance company. Trying to get in touch with his office is unbearable... I have been in a flare for almost 5 months and have been desperately trying to contact his office. I did manage to get through to his secretary about 4 months ago only to be told he is very busy and his next clinic wouldn't be for about 5 months and it's booked solid... she would send him and email and I would have a response in 48 hours! 4 months later...still no response! I ended up back in the hospital this passed week, for a 5 day stay, being poked and prodded and hooked up to so many IVs I don't even remember now... I am now home resting with a 16 week scrip for prednisone:( Had my so called dr took the time to answer the phone maybe this all could have been avoided! I do not recommend him! I am currently on the hunt for a new Dr!

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