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Dr. Harish Verma (Ayurvedic) Delhi, India

Dr. Harish Verma
what type of doctor:  Ayurvedic

Colonoscopies:  this doctor may/may not perform colonoscopies

Doctor’s office Address:
near nirman vihar metro station

Delhi, India-11009x
Comments About the Doctor:

he is a renowned UC specialist.treated me with gr8 sucess.having an ulcerative colitiscure website.

he is a warm,humble man is working for this di’s for many years ,is a good listener has his set of medicines. but my personnel thinking is, as i m a big sufferer myself having gone to all gr8 ayurvedic.homepathic,allopathic spl’t is that , in UC what u eat is actually a medicine not use medicine to eat.

hope one day all d gr8 ayurvedic.homepathic,allopathic,other difft forms of spt sit to’r leaving there ego’s ,selfishness etc. to create a cure for many so called incurable dis’s for the mankind.

63 thoughts on “Dr. Harish Verma (Ayurvedic) Delhi, India”


      Bob B sorry for late reply..but no harm in trying…its worth it without side effects. english medicines are having so many side effects. especially prednisalone…and remicade and imuran….but take it regularly and sincerely 3 times a day…you will start seeing the result in 1 month

      1. Salam Ahmed bhai

        Hope you are well. I am suffering from chrone disease and on treatmDr harish verma. Can you give me your input please or your phone no so i can contact you. I have many thing to ask . Please

        1. sallaam brother i m also using dr harish medicine start just nearly 10 days a go .u can call me if u need to know any thing . thanks
          07888 682999

          1. i used almost three consecutive month ulcerin compound 1 & 11 from dr harish verma it didn’t help me except loosing weight i lost almost 18kg weight in three month while i was using this Ulcerin compound 1 & 11 i also used Dr Pankaj Naram Medicine for six week this also didn’t help me either . i waisted almost 500 pound in uk , i won’t recommend any one to buy Ayurvedic medicine online . it would be better to see the Ayurvedic doctor face to face they give some other Liquid type & some syrup which really help ,these liquid syrups they are not allowed to send by post . so my humble request to every one avoid online medicine do not waist money and do not put your health in danger . i was given herbal medicine along with Syrups when i saw Hakeem herbal doctor face to face . then i realized i should not have bought medicine on line . if any one want to know anything don’t hesitate to contact me via my email

  1. I was diagnised with UC in Aug2010 and put on Asacol and a dose of predensone. I started Ulcerin 1 and 2 in October 2010 ( just as I was weaning of preds)along with the requisite diet changes. I slowly weaned off Asacol and have been allopathic medication free since Amy 2011….however, my symptoms now seem to be returning and on discussion with Dr Verma’s team i am re-starting Asacol. hopefully for a short period…
    Dr verma’s team is very knowledgeable and give great diet advic. much much more than I get from NHS doctors/ nurses in UK.
    Unfortunately, I do not live in Delhi so I am a bit limited in the help I can get from Dr Verma.

    1. Hi DD,

      My name is Chetan and I have been diagnosed with Ulceritive colitis since an year. I was hospitalized recently and my flare up was bad and was going bowel 4 times a day. They had to give me hydrocortisone steriods through my veins, I am discharged with 1 and a half months of prednisolone to taper it off. I was earlier tried on Azithioprine and 6 MP both for 2 weeks. 6 MP gave reactions so doctors have stopped both. I am now on Pentasa and prednisolone. I have had 2 bad flares in last 1 yr. I want to try Harish Verma’s ayurvedic medicine but wanted a honest advice from patient like you? Is it worth taking? Has it helped you even 1 percent? Any side effects? I just want to make sure it is of some use. Can you please email me on I am 29 yrs male based in UK, Manchester but originally from India. Where are you based? Can I have your contact? My number is 00447910404221.

  2. Hello DD

    I wanted to check for how long did you take dr verma’s medicine before you started seeing results.

    your response is greatly appreciated.


    1. So sorry for the late response. I did not see your question. I saw the difference within a few weeks. Hope it helps you too if you decided to go down this path.


    I am suffering from UC from august 2011. tried all medicines and now started since 2 months ulcerin 1 and 2. first time i feel there is a remission but too early to comment, but so far so good. extended my dose now for few more months. taking it along with asacol .

      1. RAGHURAM N

        Dear pradeep

        Yes i am now in remission since 9 months..and have been using daily Ulcerin 1 and 2 with asacol and imuran ( 50 mg ) ….so far so good…and i have no side effects or complaints….Hope i remain in remission…forever..But remember one thing…try to avoid stress at all costs….Be very selfish if need be..dont let anyone stress you….and try to be as happy as posibble, by doing things what you like most and the way you would prefer….avoid arguments and Let go situations….you will surely feel better.

        1. Hi kishore
          How are you now with compound 1& 2 .r u still taking imuran and asacol. How s your diet . Please share your experience.

        2. Kishore, i hope you are doing well.
          I have also been recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Wanted to have a chat with you and see how ayurvedic treatment helps.
          Please email me at and share your mobile no so i can contact you.


  4. Iam taking Ulcerin I and II compound from last 3 months, Really its working gr8. I am victim of UC from 2011, I was diagnosed with mild UC in Oct 2011. My doctor guess that my UC got flareup suddenly because, I suddenly quit smoking, with in one week I quit smoking. So he prescribed me Mesocal OD and Mesocal Suppository no food restrictions. But for one year it was fine, again abdomen pain after one year. I was suggested to continue Mesoca, I was fedup with the allopathic. Daily I used to have pain and urgency of stool.

    I searched the the net and came across Ulcerin 1 & 2 compound advertised on the website Really it worked, now I am feeling better day by day, pain and urgency of stool reduced.

    While using this medical, we have to follow strict diet suggested by doctor, have piece meals.

    Best of luck, to all who is planning to under go Ulcerin I and II compound by Dr.Verma :)

      1. That’s right Ulcerin compound 1 & 2 just waist of money and waist of your important health I lost my health and money by using ayurveda medicen I never suggest any one to buy online medicen ‘

    1. How r u and your health now. ..
      Dear my brother is patient of ulcerative colitis. .Please suggest me for a good doctor. …on my email id- naveendagur12@gmail

  5. hi.. my name’s sandip and my gf has been diagnosed with UC… we’re from kolkata and she’s only 22… so its a little hard for us to come to delhi… but we sure will if the results are positive among other patients… can anyone please mail me the details? or give me a ring 08906932240

  6. hi, could anybody please let me know probably best doctors in and around punjab or even delhi/ncr would do.
    my brother is suffering from UC and he is on heavy disage of mesacol.
    I would be really thank ful to you .
    please anybody reply as soon as possible.
    God bless you all

      1. Hi garima
        I used there compound 1 and compound 2 in 2014
        Didn’t have any relief
        I loose weight though
        but no harm in trying
        currently I am doing well
        I have quit milk and milk products including ghee
        And also sugar is your enemy in this disease
        So try this
        In my case it works
        Basically lactose and fructose you need to quit

  7. hi, could anybody please let me know probably best doctors in and around punjab or even delhi/ncr would do.
    my brother is suffering from UC and he is on heavy dosage of mesacol.
    could you please let me know if this ayurvedic medicine has helped you , please reply me with honest answers.
    I would be really thank ful to you .
    or you can let me know on 07799824281 please
    please anybody reply as soon as possible.
    God bless you all

  8. My wife suffering from UC from last six Years now day she has more problem.we have try all alopathy(Mesacol etc) but not any body have any other option let me know.

    1. google Dr Harish Verma he seem ok i also order compound 1 & 11 from him from india , just write his name in google you will get access to his web site ,
      hope that will help you ,

  9. I was diagnose with UC December 2012 I was fine for a year but I had. Flare up and still after 5 months can’t go back to remission. I am currently taking prednisone along with a suppository (Canasa) and Lialda. My UC is very severe since my whole colon is infected. I live in the United States and would like to try this medicine. How can I get in touch with this doctor or order Ulcerin compound 1 and 2. I would appreciate a response. My email is

  10. I was diagnose with UC Jan 2013, Doctor suggested to take KLAP tab(ofloxacin with ornidazole tablets), pantoacid DSR (40mg),CADILA cibis medicines for 3 months, I was fine while using these medicines but I had. Flare up and still after 5 months can’t go back to remission. am currently taking Ayurveda medicines Ulcerin compound I & II from past one month now Its better, I am suffering with urinary infection(burning in urine) while this disease flare up . anybody facing similar symptoms. this symptom is part of this disease.

  11. Hi Friends, i strongly suggest that people suffering from UC contact Dr. Harish. My wife was diagnosed and we have been consulting him for some time now. She has benefited from the course prescribed.

    I can understand the mental and physical agony one encounters if one is suffering from this medical condition, having seen the effects on my wife first hand. Having said that, Dr. Harish’s prescription has improved the quality of life which i am sure you guys would agree, is most important. Obviously this treatment involves patience but more importantly it requires that you have confidence in the treatment as well.

  12. Could you please provide me contact detail of Dr. Harish Verma.

    And guys, please suggest me some more best doctors detail for UC in Delhi NCR.

    Thank in advance.

  13. I can totally relate to the pain and agony of everyone else here. I was diagnosed with UC back in June 2013, though I had been suffering from it from probably February of that year, having no knowledge of the condition, symptoms or its enormity.
    Since the first treatment (hospitalisation and being put on long term medications and steroids), I experienced remission for only about 3 months, following which, my condition kept deteriorating, regardless of the medicines I took or the discipline I followed.
    Persistent bleeding, severe diarrhea and all the symptoms kept increasing so much so, that it lead to another case of hospitalisation. Even that, though, did not help, nor the heavy dosage of medicines and steroids including Mesacol 1.2, Azoran and the steroid Wysolone, pushed up to 60mg dosage a day.
    Having continuously suffered regardless of all these medicines and supposedly the best treatment at Apollo hospitals, nothing seemed to work, and was so far out in terms of the UC severity that I was prescribed surgery as a last resort.
    That option, for me, at the age of 24, was unacceptable.
    Somehow or the other, divine intervention, perhaps, my parents came across the treatment of Dr Harish Verma.
    As of this day, I have been taking his compound I and II medicines for about 3 months, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. The bleeding stopped within the first week of taking the compounds itself, and other symptoms like the urgency and frequency soon kept decreasing substantially.
    Testimony to that fact is that it has been about a week now that I have tapered off the steroid Wysolone completely, from 60mg, reducing it by 5mg per week (a period of about 11 weeks in all), and I feel perfectly normal and healthy. I am still on the dosage of Azoran and Mesacol, which shall soon be started to taper down as well.
    I realise the pain and suffering of everyone here, as I have gone through the same agony for ages, and was ready to give up till I started this medicine. I would strongly suggest it to everyone dealing with UC.
    I understand the hesitation before trying any new treatment. I had the same concerns-whether the medicines are safe? if they would work at all? how long before I saw results? I too, contacted people from the testimonials on Dr Verma’s site, and spoke to them first hand. The confidence they instilled in me gave me the impetus to give it a shot. I had nothing to lose anyway, either. The doctors at Apollo had given up and had prescribed the last resort surgery in any case. But since then, it has been a miraculous turnaround, one that I’m extremely grateful for.
    I hope people here can find the same degree of relief and comfort I found in knowing there is a cure, a solution, and most importantly, hope.
    The following is the link to Dr. Verma’s site, where one can find all the information they need. Also provided below is my email id, for anyone to contact me with any queries and doubts they may have, and hopefully I shall be able to guide them with my own experience of persistent relapses and now recovery. I had received advice and help in a similar manner when I needed it the most, and would be grateful if I could pay it forward, and could make a difference to even one person in pain similar to mine.

    1. hello Raunaq bro I am also surfing with UC and I am taking both English and ayruveda medicine from jiva ayruveda..but I am not feeling good with this medicine so can you tell me how is dr harish verma medicine..with this medicine can we get permanent relife from UC or just for a time of period during taking medicine..thanks waiting for your reply..

  14. Hii Friends.
    I have ulcerative colitis since 2013.
    I am taking Steroids
    Wyselone steroids 20mg
    Vegas od
    I had relapse many times. When docter reduce the doss of steroids again relapse. Plz any one can suggest me for good ayurvedic treatment

  15. Hii friends
    I am from pune so can we order Ulcerin compound 1 & 2 directly or we need to go delhi for checkup with dr harish first. Pleaseany one reply with there suggestions

  16. Dear Friends,

    I suffer with ulcerative colitis starting from 2002. I wounder if you can suggest any good Aurvedic clinic/doctor.

    Thank you for your help. Please, write for any suggestion to my e-mail:


  17. I am suffering of uc Dec 2011 doc advice me mesacol od daily entofoaf enema during flare I have no complete cure. June 15 doc perform colonoscopy no ulcer seen in whoe colon but symptoms still present severe constipation ,felling of heaviness ,loss of weight plz advice me best medicine to complete cure thks all

  18. I have been taking Harish Verma’s medicine from last 4 months now. Yes it has relived to me some extent but as soon as I stop it, it tends to come back. So bit unsure how long I need to take this?
    Also I order these medicines online and unfortuantely the doctor whom I am consulting with does want to talk over the phone. She only replies me over the emails and that also not answering all my queries.
    I am looking for someone whom I can explain what exactly I am going through and similary advise me.

  19. Deal friends,

    I am suffering UC from past 5 years since 2011
    From past 5 yrs i had tried Allopathy,Hemeopathy,Ayurveda medicines.
    I saw very less relief from allopathy medcines.
    Normal relief from homeopathy medicines.
    But when i was taking ayurveda mecines condition is normal ,medicines recomended from local ayurveda doctor.
    But when i left taking medicines within 2 weeks ,problem comes again (blood in stool ,requemcy of stools).
    So I wanted permanent solution to my problem.
    I gone through Dr.Harish Verma’s website,videos. Its look good .
    Is online order of medicies are good.
    Please suggest me .

    My mail id :

  20. Hello guyz,
    Read all the comments, I felt I am not the only sufferer here. I am suffering from UC from 11 years now. tried all allopathic, naturopathy n homeopathy.ffrankly allopathic is for quick results but having lots of side effects sply with steroids. pplus it will never give permanent cure. naturopathy is very strict, difficult to follow, result is minute too. homeopathic is slow still treats holistically. Good relief will come when I started probiotics.yakult n all are very less in number. we need more strains and more quantity of good bacteria for our gut. for eg. enterogermina will give relief in chronic diarrhoea. likewise going for ultimate flora IB .I would suggest all to search for good probioticsavailable. You can find it in or .TThanks you all for sharing your stories. God bless us all.

  21. My story

    Suffering from UC for last 7 yrs
    Living lactose free
    Almost sugar free
    2 times ulcerin compound 1 and 2
    1 time bowelcare organic India
    1 time allopathic medicine for killing bad bacteria
    A little problem in stool passage
    2 times a day
    No flares
    No pain or bloating
    Weight loss
    But overall self medication is helping me

  22. hello everyone.. me too 1 of u, sufferer of UC since last 2 years at d age (24 now) of setting career.. i used all treatments, nothing helped much, still have belief on ayurvedic but no any research centre found any permanent solution.. I was on flare again frm 6 mnths, tried homeopathy & ayurvedic with different combinations, but nothing worked, flare rised upto 10 times daily, heamoglobin fallen to 6.8, then finally i hd to go with allopathy ladt month, now on staroids suggested by Mr Ghoshal sir, SGPGI LKO (visited again), reliefed 90%, im on follow up treatment with a lengthy course..
    conclusion: Allopathy is not a permanent solution but atleast it found some controllable achievements, im vry thankful of it right now, but ready to face pimples as side effects, and hv to b ready fr others..
    Other than this, my whole day life style is planned with yoga meditation & diet..
    mob: 8858546294

  23. hi, myself ankush, my wife is suffering from UC since 1 year. treid everything but no relief. someone suggested ayurvedic treatment of sri sri ayurveda banglore. can anyone tell something about this? my email id is

  24. Hi , this is ajmal khan from Quetta pakistan , i am the patient of piles 3 years .i need these capsules . please somebody tell me the procedure to purchase online.

  25. hi ,
    i m from pune , my wife is suffering from UC since last 10 year.
    i hv read all review but consfuse should we try Dr harish treatment or not.
    pls suggest need help

    my mail ID ,
    mob : 9922409502

    1. Hi Abhay
      you can try Dr Harish Verma’s Ulcerin Compound 1 &2 . it encourages fast remission of symptoms and prevents relapses, which is common feature of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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