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Dr. Federico Balzola – Gastroenterologist – Turin, Italy

Dr. Federico Balzola



this doctor may/may not perform colonoscopies

Doctor’s office Address:

Azienda Ospedaliera-Universitaria “San Giovanni Battista di Torino” – Molinette Bramante 88/90-10126 Turin

Phone Number
c/o – U.O.A.D.U. Gastro-Epatologia. Prof. Rizzetto
Ambulatorio Trapianto Fegato: tel. +39-011-633.5364 / 6470


Dr. Balzola is very professional and a very good listener!
He’s patient, kind and willing to understand. He’s sort of empathic. He explains things in a very clear way and more than once.
He’s always very helpful and available.
The staff ,working by his side at hospital, is very good and kind and willing too. The whole ward is characterized by a generous attitude and they understand what suffering and pain mean.
Everybody’s really so understanding and helpful.
In Italy we have SSN…so no problem at all with insurance.
He’s a high-level gastroenterologist and an understanding human being.
I’m so happy he’s my doctor :)

1 thought on “Dr. Federico Balzola – Gastroenterologist – Turin, Italy”

  1. David Michael Waggoner

    We appreciate that Dr Balzola is kind and understanding…but more importatntly, did he solve the medical issue you had?
    What are the MEDICAL RESULTS of your visists with this gastroenterologist?

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