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Dr. Farzad Forohar – Gastroenterologist – Smithtown, NY

Dr. Farzad Forohar

what type of doctorGastroenterologist

Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
50 Route 111, Room 302
Smithtown NY 11787
Phone Number: 631-724-5300


Dr. Forohar is caring, concerned and very competent. He is also quick to prescribe meds, and is not of the thought that UC can be controlled by anything other than lifetime medications. He does listen to questions, and has intelligent answers. He just moved to a new office, and I have not yet been there, so I’m not sure of the setup. His previous office was in a medical building on the grounds of St. Catherine’s Hospital in Smithtown, and he had an endoscopy suite at his disposal near his office. I assume he will have the same in the new office, but can’t say for sure at this point. His office is clean and his staff very pleasant and courteous.

1 thought on “Dr. Farzad Forohar – Gastroenterologist – Smithtown, NY”

  1. Complained about pain in upper right quadrant. Inasmuch as I am 84, he recommended an endoscopy which showed a couple of benign nodes and nothing abnormal. He then suggested a sonogram. Upon completion, I was sent a copy of the report and a copy was made availalbe to to doctor Forohar. I waited for a few days expecting him to call. I finally called his office and was told he was with a patient. However, he told the receptionist he had looked at the report and found nothing abnormal. And that was pretty much it. However, if I wanted to schedule an appointment, it was up to me. Meanwhile, I still have no explanation as to the cause of the pain. I am rather disappointed in his lack of interest in helping me to elimiante the cause of my discomfort.

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