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Dr. Erik G. Fetner – Surgeon – Fargo, ND

Dr Erik G. Fetner

what type of doctor:  Surgeon

Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

801 Broadway North,

Fargo, ND



Comments About the Doctor:

Very professional, competent and has a lot of UC patients.
I didn’t feel comfortable with him because I felt he wanted to tell me what I was going to do more than consult with me. I felt like he didn’t understand me, but this is just me. I have a different personality. I felt like I offended the doctor by asking questions and too many of them. Apparently most people don’t need more than an hour consultation to remove a vital organ. I do. A lot of patients really like this doctor and he is very highly recommended by my GI doctor (Dr. Spellman). Office worked well with my insurance.

The people in the office were professional and kind.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Erik G. Fetner – Surgeon – Fargo, ND”

  1. Hello,
    I hope this helps you to feel more comfortable. My name is Till and Dr. Eric Fetner used to be over the Baylor Hospital here in Dallas, TX. He did a wonderful job removing 3/4’s of my large intestine in 2006 at that time he was only 38 years. I was rushed through the emergency at Baylor and had the oppurtunity to meet with all the physicians that specialized in Ulcerative Colitis and I chose Dr. Fetner and explained to him that I wanted to be able to have the oppurtunity to run play and jump with my 6 month old daughter at the time. I had already been researching the surgery and knew that due to the serious of my inflamation that I definitely needed surgery I was losing weight & blood rapidly and was at risk of losing my life. Dr. Fetner assured me that I would do fine and he would keep my scars to a minimal and that he too had a family and kids and understood my situation. My life was just beginning with new kid, just engaged, and had just graduated college. He told me and my family all the phases and steps that I would go through after surgery and I did. Everything he said happened exactly as he stated. I am healthy and have had 2 mild flare ups after a pregnancy and just here recently from lack of water and not eating properly. But, I just took my medicine and everything cleared right up. I must say that he is a GREAT DOCTOR!!!! He even entered me into a charity fund that paid $28k for my surgery because I had no insurance and continued to treat me afterwards for free. I hope my comment helps to make you feel more comfortable . Please tell him Till said hello and thanks so much for giving me another chance at life…

  2. Of course it’s easy to be kind and great to a charming lady. Not so easy to be great with
    an unusual male personality. Human nature. :)

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