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Dr. Eric Osgard – Gastroenterologist – Reno, NV

Dr. Eric M. Osgard


Colonoscopies:  this doctor may/may not perform colonoscopies

Doctor’s office Address:
880 Ryland St.
Reno, Nevada 89502
Phone Number: 775-329-4600



I saw this dr in the ER only as the on call GI. I was there for pain and diarrhea every 1-2 hrs w lots of blood. In tears for the pain, I waited in the lobby for more than 1 hr and in the room to see a dr for almost 2 hrs. When he came in, I was told that my condition (UC) “does not cause pain” and therefore I was “just complaining.” He offered to admit me and do some tests to see what was going on in my tummy (even though I already knew and it was all over my records), but refused to offer any pain relief. I had been hospitalized for 9 days 1 month previous for contracting c. diff colitis on top of my UC and was in no hurry to camp out at the hospital again. I refused and had the nurse take out my IV, walking out and getting pain relief from a medicated relative, an evening w my heating pad, and a self-imposed liquid diet for a few days. He was the worst, most uncompassionate dr I had ever met.

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