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Dr. Donald Lum – Gastroenterologist – Portland, OR

Dr. Donald Lum

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

1111 NE 99th Ave.
Suite 301
Portland OR, 97220

Phone Number: 503.963.2707

Comments About the Doctor:

Dr. Donald Lum is very helpful in getting me the right treatments that I need and transitions into new medications if the others have not seemed to be working at par, at a pace that works for me. Very friendly and welcoming. I look forward to dr. visits. He is very professional and cares about his patients and it shows. After a follow up visit or lab testing he will send a letter of appreciation and follow up which really does go a long way.
Dr office is located very conveniently at the Oregon Clinic off the light rail MAX and other transportation. He is also available on call for emergency flares when I am in need of other anti-inflammatory medications so I do not have to go straight to the hospital.

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