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Dr. Deirdre O’Donovan – Gastroenterologist – Dublin, Ireland

Deirdre O’Donovan

what type of doctor: Consultant Gastroenterologist


this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Suite 28, Blackrock Clinic

Rock Road, Blackrock, Co.

Dublin, Ireland.


Phone Number: 01-2064547



Dr. O’Donovan has treated me for about six months. I was only a couple of days away from having a colectomy when I found her. So far I have not had to have surgery.

She has always appeared to me to be a most competent, current, professional and dedicated doctor. In terms of her personality she is rather intuitive and quite the opposite of the stereotype Irish consultant; rather than being out on the golf course, she is much more likely to be seen visiting a patient at eight o’clock at night.

It took some research to find this doctor and I can highly recommend her.

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