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Dr. Corey Seigel – Gastroenterologist – Lebanon, NH

Dr. Corey Seigel

what type of doctor: gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756

Phone Number: (603) 650-5000

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Dr. Corey Seigel
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 1 reviews
 by Heather

Dr. Seigel is a friendly and personable doctor who above all else, is open minded. He has been very involved in my care and has taken the time to make a long distance patient-doctor relationship work. I see him once a year when I travel to the northeast and it is worth it.

When I asked Dr. Seigel the question, "Does what I eat have anything to do with my UC?" He started with the answer I had heard a dozen times before (which happened to be an answer I hated). He said something close to, "Well, research shows us that diet doesn't affect UC, BUT (and this is where he started to win me over), 95 percent of my patients say it does, so I think we just haven't done the right research yet."

Dr. Seigel works in a research hospital, Dartmouth Hitchcock, and so is involved in new research and always appears open to my crazy questions and ideas. The hospital itself is a bit overwhelming in stature but the staff there was wonderful and the billing and insurance have been fairly painless.

I highly recommend Dr. Seigel and even if you have to travel to get to him, he's worth it!

1 thought on “Dr. Corey Seigel – Gastroenterologist – Lebanon, NH”

  1. Dr. Seigel,
    I was a patient of yours about 8 years ago and referred to you by Dr. Schearer. I had UC . Anyhow, I moved to NY–and a big mistake. Healthcare quality here isn’t very good. Anyway, last October I had a colonoscopy and had some polyps. I told the dr. that I had UC and he said no you don;t. Well I have had the most severe case of UC which started in april. I started with wicked cramps, that would put me to the floor. was misdiagnosed by a PA in my Dr’s practice, had two cat scans and they told me I had diverticulosis –put on flagyl and cipro and ended up in the hospital for a week, very fatigued and sick to my stomach . I am now 75 years old. anyhow, a really sharp doc at Crouse looked at my medical records from you and lab reports saying I had UC. From there I was put on balsalazide, mesalamine 4 gm-60ml once a day and then predisone for 3 months. I thought I would die with the side effects and after going off again felt very weak for weeks. After off predisone, I started bleeding again. They then put me on ucerus and immuran 100 mg. Well I was off the ucerus within a week. It affected my BP. On immuran for a month-it did stop the bleeding as well and again very weak and fatigued and so nauseated. Blood work showed elevated liver enzymes so took me off that. Recently went to Dr. Told him I was having some cramping and really had it quite bad this am and have had s ome pink tinged mucus which means i could be flaring up. This has been the worst. I have two friends who are nursing home administrators in NH who I talk to . I am just very frustrated by the lack of good care. Is there anything you would recommend for me to ask my Dr. to try. I have searched the internet and have some knowledge of what is out there but I am sure being sold short on care. I hope you respond and that you remember me. by the way I have developed a pretty bad nuerological disorder that the 2 nuerologists that I see agree upon as a hereditary nueropathy. My balance and strength is pretty bad. I use a walker.
    thanks for reading this.
    Lorraine Comi
    Liverpool, NY

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