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Dr. Clark A. Harrison – Gastroenterologist – Reno, NV

Dr. Clark A. Harrison


Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
880 Ryland St.
Reno, Nevada 89502

Phone Number: 775-329-4600


For a patient without insurance, he’s an “on the fence” kind of dr. I’d only been able to see this dr (except those while hospitalized) and he went back and forth about charging me at all and allowed me to make payments, starting @ $25 per month to what and when I could, for the first 3 yrs. He said he cared and wanted to see me better, but it felt like only words. He often spoke to me like a child. He didn’t listen well to my telling him of my symptoms so I felt they went untreated. He says he has a lot of UC patients, but seemed to know a limited amount about UC and had a mental checklist of steps to try, moving onto the next if the first didn’t work, ultimately always highly recommending surgery (ileostomy). When I reported information about tests and treatment with a holistic dr my aunt paid for, he didn’t know what to do w the info and told me to do negating things (like those pertaining to diet and supplements). When I didn’t respond to anything but steroids over the years (on them constantly in some dose the entire time), he seemed lost and wanted to put me on all the things I’d previously tried at the same time, thinking somehow, they’d work if combined. He acknowledged the pain, but was extremely stingy about pain relievers, never allowing more than 1 pill per day, per month, so as to avoid “addiction and illegal activity,” he said. His nurses were nice and helpful, but sometimes took especially long to refill prescriptions or call back about an important concern. Every appt I had was super short and felt pointless. I always left feeling hopeless and doomed. This and his push for surgery made me feel he was trying to shrug me away and be done w me-give up on me. He was supportive in my claims for disability, thinking eventually I may get medical coverage and he could make more money off seeing me. I never felt helped by him.

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