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Dr. Charles Owen, Jr. – Gastroenterologist – Arlington, TX

Dr. Charles Owen, Jr.
what type of doctor:   Gastroenterologist


Arlington, TX
United States
Doctor’s office phone number (817) 394-4300
Dr. Owen is a fantastic doctor who saved my life back in 2006. He is a diplomate on the board of internal medicine and gastroenterology. He works at Arlington Memorial Hospital, part of the Texas Health Resources Hospital branches located around and throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The Gastrointestinal offices are part of the TDDC or Texas Digestive and Disease Control centers. He takes the time to listen to you and will go to all lengths to help you out. He genuinely cares about his patients and is very educated on everything gastro.

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1 thought on “Dr. Charles Owen, Jr. – Gastroenterologist – Arlington, TX”

  1. We have a family member who is bed-ridden and is in a rehab center in Arlington, TX, who is suffering from “C-Diff” infection since Feb this year. He has now become unresponsive to all antibiotic therapy and we have been advised that fecal transplanting is really his only remaining option – all other antibiotic treatment has been discontinued.

    We are therefore, seeking medical assistance in an effort to locate a physician who can either assist us with this treatment, or else give us a referral to a local gastroenterologist or infection specialist who may be of assistance.

    Therefore, your kind reply to this inquiry is very appreciated. Thank you for your kind consideration in this regard.


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