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Dr. Chad Charapata – Gastroenterologist – Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Chad Charapata
what type of doctor: GI (gastro doctor)

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
3rd Street
Chattanooga, TN

Very straightforward with just enough confidence to come across as slightly arrogant at times. Good listener. Willing to take the time to make sure questions are answered. Willing to listen to what the patient wants and consider compromises on medication, etc. to help the patient feel comfortable. Returns phone-calls. Nursing staff is excellent! He has privileges at the major local hospital and does colonoscopies there – nice facility but large and impersonal. He is very knowledgeable about medications, side effects, potential risks and benefits. He is always citing the latest research on medication and procedures. Large, group practice with a very nice, welcoming office and staff.

1 thought on “Dr. Chad Charapata – Gastroenterologist – Chattanooga, TN”

  1. I transferred to Chattanooga area from West Tennessee 3 years ago. Prior to my move I was diagnosed with colitis, delayed gastric emptying, and damaged esophagus/irritated stomach lining. I had numerous tests…nuc med gastric emptying test, CT of abdomen, and numerous endoscopy’s and colonoscopy’s. Both the West TN doc and the Vanderbilt doc did great diagnosing my problems however Dr. Charapata requested all my test results and discovered that my CT scan indicated a mass in my left breast. None of the other GI docs ever mentioned this. Although my biopsy came back benign I was blessed that Dr. C took the time to study all my previous tests and recommended that I get my first mammogram at the age of 34. Also, Dr. C found mast cells in my colon which apparently is very rare. I am grateful for his thorough research. I couldn’t recommend a better GI doc!

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