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Dr. Carla Fernando-Gilday – Gastroenterologist – Albany, NY

Dr. Carla Fernando-Gilday

what type of doctor: Gastroenetrology

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Albany Gastroenterology Associates
1375 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

Phone Number: 518-438-4483

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Dr. Carla Fernando-Gilday
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 1 reviews
 by Hope

Dr. Fernando-Gilday is an energetic, enthusiastic, warm person who always meets me with a smile, listens carefully, sits right next to me and takes her time explaining, looking at options and genuinely wanting to hear what I have to say, how I feel, and shares her own expertise and latest research on ways to treat and manage UC and crohn's disease. She is genuinely one of the most caring and skilled people I have ever met. She is extremely professional, very up to date and willing to share her knowledge as well as her enthusiasm - she always leaves her patients with a hug and a smile, and is known in this area as one of the most thorough, skilled and caring physicians around. Office staff is very helpful, there has never been a time I've waited more than 10 minutes in the waiting room. No matter how busy the office is, I have never had an experience where I feel rushed or ignored. An email system has been set up as well, so that you can email your questions, symptoms, concerns, ideas for what might work for you, etc...directly to your MD (there are 10 in the practice). I have never waited more than a day for a response, and usually receive a response the same day. Phone calls are returned promptly too. In terms of the email, however, these get reviewed by the Dr even when not "on site" at the office, so you can be partnering with your MD very easily. In fact, the email system has also given Dr Gilday clues to times of the year or seasons for my particular flares - which I didn't realize til she reviewed it with me that I have had a bad flare every year starting in May, and there are other patterns she and I have discoovered in terms of what medicines, diet, etc work or don't work. There is also access on this site for you to look up your own records, blood work and other test results, and update your information. I have also seen her covering Physician Assistant Deb Randaisi who is j ust as thorough and thoughtful, as well as two of the other MD's in the practice - Dr. Sheehan and Dr. Notis. Their caring and professionalism has been very similar. So I would highly recommend this office. Insurances: CDPHP, Blue Cross, Medicare, and I'm sure there are others - just call for that information. One other caveat for Dr. Gilday - she is willing to help coordinate care with your other physicians and communicate with them so everyone's on the same page , with similar goals - even to the point of making recommendations to my other MD's about meds that may or may not be affecting my UC and what options we could try. I highly recommend her.

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