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Dr. Brown – Gastroenterologist – Gloucester, United Kingdom

Dr. Brown

what type of doctor:   Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Gastroenterology Department

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
Great Western Road
Doctor’s office phone number:  08454222222

We had a difficult start in the beginning when I was first diagnosed because I didn’t really understand that I had a chronic disease and why medication was so important. Since I’ve been older he has always treated me with respect and is willing to listen to my every concern and question. He seems genuinely pleased when I tell him I’m feeling well! He always appears to be listening to me and takes everything I say seriously. The office visits dont normally last very long. Since researching on this amazing site I’m going to my next appointment armed with questions and hope to leave with a clear plan of care for the next few months. Ive only had one sigmoidoscopy which was done by another gastro consultant – he was AWFUL I was in agony the whole time as I wasn’t given any medication pre-scope. Horrific experience. Two years ago this month I had my first and only colonoscopy so far which was done by my current gastroenterologist. He did an amazing job, was so caring and I honestly didnt feel a thing! Living in the UK I am very lucky because any hospital treatment I receive is free (well I pay National Insurance a type of tax straight out my wages every month). I do have to pay a prescription charge of £7.40 per item. I also have a service provided by Specialist Bowel Disease Nurses. They have a helpline and always get back to me that day. Whenever I have a flare up I call them for advice and they get my bloods tested and sort out my prescriptions. On the whole im very lucky to have the access to help that I do.

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  1. Just a top tip for this person, that if in the uk you can pay monthly for your subscriptions which means you only pay £10 a month or so. Saves a bit of money in the long term!

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