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Dr. Brian Bosworth – Gastroenterologist Specializing in IBD – New York

Dr Brian Bosworth

what type of doctor: GI specializing in IBD and counterpart of Dr Vanita Jacobs

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

1315 York Ave

Phone Number: (212) 746-5077

Comments About the Doctor:

Supposedly one of the leading experts in NYC on IBD.
Associated with NY Presbyterian/ Cornell Weill’s Jill Roberts Center for IBD. I have only seen him once so far. He was nice. Yet to see how my treatment goes but to give you an example he doubled my Canasa dosage and prescribed a Hydrocortizone foam whereas my previous GI doctor had me on one daily dose of Canasa.

Pretty good bedside manner, professional, responsive ( he has a PA that
Promptly returns calls and emails).The office sees just IBD patients (one of the doctors in his practice is on the ihaveUC doctor list (Vanita Jacobs). The doctors have an onsite certified nutritionist. I don’t know about insurance. I have Oxford and they accept that.

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