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Dr Bijay Baburajan – Gastroenterologist – Kent, UK

Dr Bijay Baburajan

what type of doctor: Consultant Gastroenterologist


this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Address of the doctor:

Maidstone Hospital hermitage lane

maidstone, kent me16 9qq
United Kingdom
comments about doctor
Thought i’d add his medical profile link.

He’s great and i wish i could take him to Australia with me when i move. He was the first person not to question my side effects and other odd symptoms, in fact he was the first person to ask if i had this or that, where previous “Consultants” looked at me weird when i mentioning the same. (Like joint pain for example.)

I’ve only had one meeting with him so far, but i got more in those 30 minutes than i had for the years previous – and he doesn’t use the cancer word, he’s open to any kinda treatment that’s gonna make you feel better and understands that the SCD plan does ease UC symptoms in some people.

He makes you feel that you matter and he doesn’t rush the appointment, his follow up letter to my normal Dr was lovely and I felt he had taken everything i said on board and made me feel like a real person.

(My appointment with him didn’t involve any endescopes or colonscopies, but he’s able to do them)

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3 thoughts on “Dr Bijay Baburajan – Gastroenterologist – Kent, UK”

  1. Dr Baburajan is also my gastroenterologist. I think he is fantastic, he is caring, interested and knowledgeable. He has performed a colonoscopy on me and was highly professional and capable. I almost look forward to my appointments with him and am delighted that I am under his care.

    1. Hi Zoe,

      I hope you don’t mind me asking regarding your treatment as I am too under his care. When he performed your colonoscopy were you sedated or did he give you an option to have a general anaesthetic?
      As part of of my diagnosis process I was lightly sedated for a flexi sigmoidoscopy (performed by another doctor) plus biopsy which I personally felt I didn’t cope with very well and have nerves now regarding a full colonoscopy which is set to happen once my symptoms have settled down and have gotten on top of my medications. Thought I would ask encase you were given that option.


  2. He is also my doctor. I have crohn’s not uc but just wanted to answer your question (cant see the date you posted so could be years ago sorry). I was offered general atheistic or sedation but i personally use just gas and air. He has done many colonoscopies and is great other people have tried bit he has always had to take over as he is far better (in my opinion). Also as long as he can tell you have thought about a decision regarding treatment he backs you 100% (as long as it make sense lol) .

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