Dr. Bennett Plotnick – Gastroenterologist – Skokie, IL

Dr. Bennett Plotnick

what type of doctor: GI

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Northshore University Healthsystem
9700 Kenton Ave k302, Skokie, IL 60076

Phone: 1 888-388-5716


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Dr. Bennett Plotnick
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 by Anonymous UC'er on Dr. Bennett Plotnick

Great listener. He has his nurse practictioner attend all appointments so she can type the information gathered into the computer while he and I have a real, eye-to-eye conversation.

He's laid back which is, to me calming.

Dr. Plotnick doesn't dismiss alternative treatments as nonsense. I take high doses of curcumin as my maintenance drug and, after seeing me stay healthy on it, he believes it works for me. He asks me a lot of questions about it during our once or twice a year visits. So different from other doctors who dismiss anything natural as useless, even if there's peer-reviewed research.

What I like best is he treats me as a partner in my treatment. Last time I flared, he suggested Uceris and hydrocortisone enemas. I wanted to team that with a short' high-level burst of Prednisone. He listened to my reasoning, agreed that it could work well, and prescribed the meds to make it happen.

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