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Dr. Ashwin Ananthakrishnan – Gastroenterologist – Boston, MA

Dr. Ashwin Ananthakrishnan

what type of doctorgastroenterologist

Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Massachusetts General Hospital-Gastroenterology Associates
55 Fruit Street
Blake 4
Boston, MA 02114

Phone Number: 617-726-0267

Comments About the Doctor:

He is a great listener and is really easy to get a hold of, and is very prompt at answering calls and emails. He specializes specifically in Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s patients, so he really knows his stuff! He doesn’t beat around the bush, he will tell you exactly how it is, which is important in a doctor. Office staff is very helpful and will work overtime to get you an answer to any question you have (literally) and is willing to work with you to schedule an appointment at your convenience (they even scheduled me on Christmas eve once!).

1 thought on “Dr. Ashwin Ananthakrishnan – Gastroenterologist – Boston, MA”

  1. I have been a patient of Dr. “A” for the past 18 months. He truly is a good listener and is very encouraging in letting you pick a treatment option that you are comfortable with. We communicate a lot by email and he always responds quickly. He is currently spearheading a trial on alternative therapies, including the SCD, which is encouraging in his approach to dealing with this disease. By way of background, I am a 59 year old professional woman who is pretty well informed in the medical literature on this disease and have consistently expressed to him that I want to do everything possible to minimize medication and supplement if not replace treatment with “natural” remedies. So glad I found him.

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