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Dr. Annette Kwon – Gastroenterologist – San Francisco, CA

Dr. Annette Kwon

what type of doctor: Gastroenterology

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

2100 Webster Street
Suite 423
San Francisco, California 94115

Phone Number: (415) 923-6565

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Dr. Annette Kwon
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 1 reviews
 by Andrea

About 2.5 years ago I switched from Dr. Aristotle Mendiola in San Francisco to Dr. Kwon. I found Dr. Mendiola to be a very good doctor, but had a lot of trouble with his front office staff as far as returning calls, getting PXs in on time and the like.

Dr. Kwon's office is more responsive, although over the last couple of months (Nov-Dec 2014), they seem to have been backed up a bit. Dr. Kwon is great in that she gives you all the options and, if you are uncomfortable with any one recommended, she will work with you on other options. For example, 2014 has been rough on me symptom-wise - diet, Asacol, Hydrocortisone and Prednisone aren't helping get my flares under complete control. We've discussed the immune-suppresant options, but I'm still wavering on those because of the side effects. She's been great in being supportive of the tack I'm comfortable with taking.

Sometimes, if you call in, you may not get a same day response, but she also provides for email correspondence and when you do get a response or when you have an office visit, she is very thorough and will answer any and all questions you have thoughtfully.

1 thought on “Dr. Annette Kwon – Gastroenterologist – San Francisco, CA”

  1. Andrea M

    In connection with this doctor, please also see my UC story as this was posted after some changes in her performance. I would not currently recommend her because, in addition to the concerns listed in my story, I have been having significant trouble with her office in trying to get on Humira since August 2015 (it’s now November). She has been uncommunicative and her office has been a mess. The prescription claim keeps having to get resubmitted and I am having to call all the time to see what’s going on as the office isn’t proactive and has made mistakes on the initial submission. For this third time around on the submission, I checked with my insurance and they have no record that anything was submitted after an initial denial (my TB test needed updating. Something the doctor or her office didn’t inform me of) whereas the doctor’s office is saying they submitted it weeks ago and it is still “pending” with insurance. I’m fed up and trying to just get the Humira started with this office while I look for a new doctor.

    I would say she didn’t start out as bad, but has consistently declined in her ability to appropriately respond to my needs as a patient. There is another review out there with similar issues at

    Many of the more recent Yelp reviews also track with this trend:

    I wanted to comment so that people could have a more thorough picture of this doctor’s performance.

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