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Dr. Amjad Zaher – Gastroenterologist – Windsor, Ontario

Dr. Amjad Zaher

what type of doctor: gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

1909 Tecumseh Rd E Windsor, ON N8W 1E3
Windsor, Ontario

Phone Number: (519) 258-7671

Comments About the Doctor:

His personality varies, he can be very nice and patient but he can also be very rushed and rude sometimes, I guess it depends on his mood that day. If he asks you a question and you want to explain he won’t allow it, it’s either a yes or no and that’s all he wants from you.

His hands are very shaky so I don’t know how I let him do a colonoscopy before on me but it wasn’t to bad. Whenever I have a throat infection though when he puts the cotton swab in my mouth he jabs the back of my throat because his hands are that shaky. You can see them shake crazy when he holds papers for example.

I though he didn’t know what he was talking about at first but then I went to see Dr Howard in London and he says the same thing and I know that he is a good doctor.

So I do feel better than before about Dr. Zaher now but he can be rude and rush you without giving you enough time too ask questions, very frustrating when he is like that!

5 thoughts on “Dr. Amjad Zaher – Gastroenterologist – Windsor, Ontario”

  1. I went to see Dr. Zaher with my baby and yes he was acting very weird. I told him that my six months baby was having a lot of stomachache and he touched him and said that maybe he needed more food and drink more at nights. He never sent any test for my baby, my baby continued having those pains and got very very sick. He had his diapers with blood each time he made poop. My baby ended up in the emergency and finally I got a good doctor who sent some test and finally we discovered that he had a parasite in his intestines. Dr. Zaher was avoiding my questions and he made my baby cry when he put the vaccine because his hands were very shaky, he should be a medicine teacher at this point, it could be dangerous for patients.

    1. Best pediatrician we have ever been to. Kind, considerate and very professional. He is real busy but still he will take his time with each patient and fully explain his diagnosis well. Then he explains his treatment plan and carries thru with it until the end. You always feel like your in good hands with him. His office is new, big and real clean. His nurse is a sweetheart. I d difintely recommend him to anyone looking for a pediatirican.

  2. Dr. Zaher is an intelligent and kind pediatrician. He is knowledgeable and very experienced. He always spends a great deal of time with my children. He asks a lot of questions, but a diagnosis and then follows up on the results of lab work. He even calls himself personally with the results when his nurse is busy. Judging from how busy the office is, he is a great doctor or people would not go to see him. He was able to diagnosis a problem with my son when other doctors could not. He has a warm and kind bedside manner. He is not at all rude, the opposite, down to earth and even a little shy.

  3. Dr. Zaher is a wonderful, knowledgeable pediatrican. He was able to properly diagnois my son when others doctors could not. He told us to do the proper test and lab work and followed up on the results. He knew the medical history without having to tell him or remind him unlike some doctors. YOu never have to wait in his waiting room. He’s always on time and sees you promptly.

  4. Dr. Zaher is a caring and compassionate pediatrician. His bedside manner is gentle and very nice. Its not easy treating sick kids and he does it very good. He has lots of knowledge about his fieild. He spends lots of time with families and explains stuff to you. He answers your questions and concerns straightforward. His office is brand new and real clean. The staff is professional and very nice and supportive.

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