Don’t Put Up with UC Symptoms: Get a Diagnosis!


I am 22 year old female living in Australia, and have had symptoms of UC for about 2 years. After laying on the couch in pain everyday for the last few months, I went to another dr and was diagnosed!

My Story:

Ok, firstly, if any one has any GI symptoms at all, please go to the dr! if they tell you its nothing to worry about, but you don’t feel that way, go to a better dr. I had spent the last 3 months before diagnosis laying in bed and scared to go outside the house for fear of getting a pang of extreme pain and having an accident!
Im sure all others with Ulcerative Colitis don’t mind that we have to have scopes and all other kinds up instruments ‘in there’ but for those that think they may have UC, please dont let this hold you back from talking to the dr about it, its 2 mins of potential awkwardness or bloody poo and pain constantly :(. My family has been awesome, and im not embarrased to keep them up to date! My boyfriend and I are fortunatly very open with other, so it wasnt a problem showing and sharing with him what was going on in the bathroom. It would be stressful to deal with it on your own so please let someone know! As I had such a crappy dr when I first moved to town and he gave me some anti sposmodics and sent me home, by the time I had my scope I had hardly any iron left, and the ulceration was all the way through my colon. That resulted in a week in hospital, an iron transfusion and lots of prednisolone and sulfasalazine (and a liquid diet for a few days, the worst part! haha)
I am most concerned about having children in the future and having a flare and not being able to cope, but I know I can work with my GP and GI to keep this crappy disease under wraps!
So thats my story in 300 words, hope you can relate
Where I’d like to be in 1 year:
in the bathroom once a day :)

written by Megan

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Put Up with UC Symptoms: Get a Diagnosis!”

  1. Hi, Megan. You really get to know your body when you have a disease like UC, especially once you realize what it is that triggers flares. It’s so different for everybody. With me it is gluten so I cut that out. Then I went on an antifungal medication and that caused a really bad flare so I know not to take that ever again. Even if I’m “slightly” flaring, caffeine and alchohol makes it worse, that’s probably true for most UCers. As for having kids when you’ve been dx, that’s a tough one because as you say, will you be well enough to care for them or there’s worry of passing it on. No one in my family except me has it, so that’s a tough choice to make. I have two grown sons and 4 grandkids and so far none of them have it either. Good luck to you, Megan.

    1. Hi Maggie, yeah I am still trying to figure out if things like caffeine are making me feel crappy or if it is due to other unrelated things. I think I am in a slight flare at the moment, but as its not too bad, I dont know if I should go to the doctors or just wait and see, what would you do?
      Good luck to you too! :)

  2. Megan, my friend has serious Crohn’s and she has two children ages 10 and 12 and she wants to have a third now. I was just diagnosed with UC this year and I have two kids. We have been traveling around the world. I just take my anti-inflammatories and have decided this is going to make me love life more and appreciate how fragile and short it is. I thought I had something much worse and that I was dying so UC seems like a gift. I use it as a measure if I am doing too much and not taking care of myself if I start to flare. It is genetic but NOT hereditary. You will not pass it on. It is treatable and in my other friends worse case she had her colon removed and is 100% fine now (and has children). I want to support you if you want children. Mine are the best thing in the world and UC is not even a blip on my radar compared to them.

  3. HI Susan,

    Thanks so much for your message and support! I know whats its like to get the diagnosis, I was just glad what I had was controllable and it could be treated! Im more worried about being in a flare while they are toddlers and not being able to run after them all day and keep up. Hopefully by then they will have invented a miracle drug (haha). What drugs do you take to keep it under control and have you thought about surgery? Ive just started a second course of the pred as my sulfasalazine and mesalazine didnt seem to be working, but hopefully it will in time. Have you tried anything diet related to help control your symptoms?

    Megan :)

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