Does Huggies Make Adult Diapers With Bon Jovi Designs

Hi, I’m Lisa.  45 but look 37 for real, anyway UC for 21 years happen while pregnant with my son, his been a pain in my ass ever since. prednisone, pentasa, pain meds, anxiety meds…no surgery. Colonoscopy yearly. Workout everyday thank god. If I didn’t, especially when on prednisone id be the size of a perfectly round Bigfoot Truck wheel. Love music, love the lord, love my husband (for 200 days a year)2 kids(i think they’re his) . I know what its like to losealotta hair from medicine(only to always grow back) I know about water retention (ive held enough for a family of 8 to survive in the desert )Thank god I’m an italian funny freakin person or don’t know how i could’ve taken all the shit this disease has to offer
Colitis Symptoms:
right now uc totally active Dr. wants me to start remicade I read about it and hate it already and i keep telling him im sick ori have an infection… just so hell hold off and stop pressuring me. I am not on prednisone either, I got a 6 mnth break from that crap and i look great skin figure and hair finally and to think of taking it again pisses me out the window. Im seeing a Dr. and taking bioidentical hormones and stuff and he just gave me a huge blood test for 200 food allergies results came back and it blew my mind how much things im super sensitive to. Test costs 500.00 with no insurance, my co pay was 120.00(blue cross). Im gonna start taking Apriso today, who knows?

My Story:
when i was 21 with this thing called UC and taking these pills called prednisone and going from 140 pounds to 170 pounds in 2 days (or maybe an hour after taking it)( i forgot) at 5 8 and a half breaking out like i was 14 pissed off and wanted to hit strangers daily and or run them off the road. running to the bathroom as fast as flow jo (bless her soul) about 70 to 135 times an hour (or aday) i forgot when my husband came home from work i would pick on him crazy cause in my prednisone brain the UC would have never got me if I didnt marry him, its his fault, its my uncles fault, its my grandmothers fault, its the presedents fault, and my cats…My butt hole has been wipped daily more than a days caloric intake. And oh YUM YUM YUM are frigin potatoe chips good or what? and pizza with chips ontop? its delicious specially after 3 large fries and 2 fish fillets. and while driving home from wherever stopping to run behind a tree or else? Living wi th UC hasnt changed my life at all, I live a normal life you read my story, a Nice normal clean healthy pain free beamingly happy stress free life. ImLisa and Im glad I have this personality, or I really dont know how I couldve survived this shitty disease-LMAO!!If you are a prednisone user rest assured< all these aweful side affects go away after its stopped< and be sure to tell friends and family your on it and its side affects so theyll understand the temperary weight gain and mood swings. OH! I forgot to tell everyone how hairy u get. Woman- you are gonna grow a full mustache and beard! I bought a lawn mower for my legs, and my side burns are a hunk a hunk a burnin love!

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:
Off the toilet!

Colitis Medications:
prednisone 40 milligrams for 2 weeks dropped by 5s every 2 weeks chills it out, however your grocery bill wil increase 200.00 weekly. And you’ll also need a 2nd job for extra cash for all the chinese food deliveries(but than again i dont know your finances) Get colonoscopies YEARLY no joke be safe not sorry!!Lift weights do cardio drink alotta water dont put extra salt on anything, understand your on medicine and its okay its for a reason. And most important Freeze your Oreos.

written by Lisa Lisa

4 thoughts on “Does Huggies Make Adult Diapers With Bon Jovi Designs”

  1. Wow Lisa…you’re fun!

    I’m 48…but look 25…really! How did we do that with this awful disease? Exercise, I guess. Like you, if I didn’t do it, I’d have gone crazy by now or be on antidepressants like evrty other woman our age seems to be. Thank goodness for exercise. I’ve had UC since 1999…13 wonderful years now.

    You have a fab personality and it helps you immensely through this shitty…pun intended…disease. Same here…lotsa humor. If you don’t want to take the remicade, then don’t take it! It’s your body, not your doctor’s. Do what feels right for you. I refused steroids and remicade. I drew the line. Somehow, now I’m med free with probiotics, and I know not why! It took a couple of months, but I got off everything. I’m not advocating…just stating my reality.


  2. Hi, Lisa. I know how you feel, fortunately, pred makes me too jittery so I stopped taking it. I’m at the tail end of a bad flare but I’ve been saying that for weeks now so maybe I’m just in a mild flare, some morning bleeding, 2 to 4 or 5 formed poops, mild cramping. I’m 61 one but I also look 37 (I wish, maybe 54). It’s good to have a sense of humor because nothing’s funny about this f****** disease. I do welcome the challenges though, what not to eat, what I can eat. I’m gluten intolerant. I should have a food allergy test, too. I’m allergic to trees, grasses, cats, dogs, birds but I don’t eat those things except the occasional bird. Best of luck to you!

  3. Hey Lisa! I’m 26 but I look 10 no joke! I think your guys’s attitudes are awesome. I was such a whiney pissey crabby baby when I got all the diagnosis news but have started to realize that it is what it is and since I gotta live with it I will make the best of it! I hope all is going well and you are soon symptom free! And Bev if you read this what kind of probiotics do you take? The guy at the store who told me which kind to get didn’t know much about uc. I think the one I have now is only 12 strains of bacteria but I’ve heard some people say that have 250 strain kinds?

    1. Well, Justin, I am taking ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE. One capsule a day. Costs me about $45 a month! That’s it. It has 50 billion (give or take!) bacteria in it.

      I am in Canada, and I don’t know if this probiotic is exclusively sold in Canada or not…but…if you just go into the vitamin store and tell them what you have (UC), the person there should know what to tell you to take probiotic-wise! The guy you talked to should know more than he does…lol. Maybe ask a different clerk.


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