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Does Anyone have experience with Fecal Transplants?

I’m from Omaha, NE. I’m dating a wonderful guy, who happens to have UC. We’re both in our early 20’s and active, and I dream of a long happy life together. I scour the web for info that might help him. This site has been a great resource in helping me understand UC, what he’s going through, and what has helped others.

Experience with Fecal Transplants…Anyone?

In December my boyfriend told me that his doctor thought he might be in remission. Of course, we were both very hopeful. Weeks later he experienced a flare up and has been taking more medication and has been receiving infusions of Remicade every 4 weeks instead of every 6 like he usually does. He continues to deal with a flare up.

His doctor recently told him that a stool sample showed that he had elevated levels of inflammation and that they would like to do a colonoscopy (the second in the last 6 months).

This is very stressful for my boyfriend, and by extension, for me as well. Dealing with UC and flare ups are causing some of our plans to be delayed.

Over dinner recently he mentioned that fecal transplants have helped people to no longer experience the yucky symptoms of UC. The idea of having someone else’s poop put into your body blew my mind. From what I’ve read online, people with C-diff, UC, and other conditions have experienced very positive results from fecal transplants. I was relieved to read that the transplant is not in pill form (even though having it infused through the nose or the back end aren’t so pleasant either).

My boyfriend said that fecal transplants are not offered by local doctors, Minnesota would be his closest option. Luckily, if he does decide to go this route, he has friends in Minnesota that he could possibly stay with.

So my reason for posting here, is to ask you all if you have had any experience with fecal transplants. Have you had one?

I’ve read that sometimes a relative or spouse could be the donor of the stool. If you had a transplant, who was your donor? (If that’s not too personal of a question).

Maybe you researched fecal transplants and opted against it, why?

Has anyone had a fecal transplant in Minnesota? What did you think of your experience there?

I would love nothing better than for my sweet boyfriend to feel good and to not have to worry about yucky UC stuff. Fecal transplants seem like a good option.

Thanks for your help!

written by Lucy


11 thoughts on “Does Anyone have experience with Fecal Transplants?”

  1. Hi Lucy,

    Check out RDS Infusions as I went there for FMT back in January. Dr. shepherd “shows” you how to do the fmts yourself. I did 5 there over the course of a week but I continue to do them at home as well. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to FMT. Search for Sally Brown and friend her. This is a private group with around 1500 members who discuss UC topics and other IBD topics daily. It’s a plethora of info. I’ve had UC for 10 yrs and I’ve learned more over the past 7-8 months then I have in the past 5 yrs.

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I just recently had a fecal transplant and it was beyond simple. The doc who did it has donors that he screens regularly to make sure their poo is a ok to go inside someone else. I had it through an ng tube and it took all of ten minutes. I expierenced some relief but then slipped I to another flare. The main reason I got it was to prevent c diff since I’ve had it three times already and ucers are prone to it and it’s nasty. So I saw if your boyfriend can find someone to do it then go for it because it can’t hurt- it didn’t totally help with my UC symptoms but my doc said he’s had 95% of people not get c diff again which is great! Good luck!

  3. It’ll be 4 years this September since my daughter-in-law was cured by fecal transplant. And she was being told by her doctor that her colon needed to be removed because all of her meds had stopped working. So, yes, personal experience tells me this works. And no, I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw it for myself. They performed the procedure at home using my son as the donor & did 10 transplants over 11 days. She began to improve within days & started tapering off her meds shortly thereafter. She is now is on zero meds & eats anything she wants.

    1. Connie, can you please give info on the physician your daughter in law was treated by? My son is suffering and has lost 25lbs since thanksgiving and has not had a day of rest. 20-30x to the restroom with tons of blood. Diagnosed with UC a month ago. Two rounds of prednisone only getting worse. Margie

  4. How does the FMT introduction of new and good bacteria / microbes differ from the use of probiotics (such as VSL-3 DS) with 900 billion probiotics? I thought probiotic use was supposed to do what the fecal transplant seemingly does? I’m confused as to “why” (scientifically) the transplant would be more successful?

    1. Lauren, Probiotics in VSL-3 are not microbes that co-evolved in humans. They are commonly in food that humans ate and eat, but they don’t stay put inside us. In other words, if you stop taking them, then they go away. Microbes from another human, on the other hand, will take up permanent residence!

  5. Hey Lucy,

    I just had a first cycle or dose or whatever you may want to call it of fecal bio therapy (that’s what my doc prefers to call it) and I am having a huge relief. It was done thru colonoscopy and took only half an hour or so. The donor was my brother in law since my wife and daughter had some infection at the time. Going by my experience it is a must to go for. I have felt tremendous relief in my symptoms. I would strongly suggest your boy friend to go for it asap. As opposed to having colon removed or infliximap it is completely safe.

    Further, as per my info it is very costly procedure or maybe it is still not approved in USA, you can have it done in India. The hospital where I am getting my treatment done is one of the best in the world. In my opinion, treatment would still be cheaper as compared to USA.


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