Do You Tell Other People At Your Work/ Job About Your UC?

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  • because only few people understands my situation
  • It’s VERY important to keep your boss(es) up to date with you so they know what you’re going through. You’re only human in the end. People have feelings. It also doesn’t hurt sharing a little bit with your colleagues, but I find to definitely keep your supervisors in check with your condition.
  • Yes but the usually can’t wrap their mind around the condition.
  • Yes but i don’t think they understand the severity or inconvenience of it
  • Only close people
  • i’m sorry I told them that I had UC. It’s not O.K. if you look “healthy” with a filled-out, colorful face, and chubby because you’re on prednisone. Other things like heart disease and cancer and diabetes and gluten-intolerance are acceptable, but they are also not “visible”
    ???????? It’s ignorance and lack of education
  • I didn’t for a while but after being in hospital I felt i needed to. This made it a lot easier and helped me stop putting my condition in denial.
  • I have told some of my colleagues about my UC but not every one it has taken me a while to adjust to this condition yet alone tell every one else what is going on. but some do know. I think it is a good idea to tell some people so they are aware of what is wrong and why you always maybe away from desk taking time of etc.,
  • I’ve always told certain people and they are always supportive and understanding.
  • I definitely tell people about my illness. Part of it is being a nurse and the other part is wanting people to know so if they understand my frequent trips to the bathroom or why I don’t feel good most days.
  • Amazing that people know of UC and know others with it or CD. They are pretty understanding.
  • I did after I was hospitalized for 16 days and out of work for 2 months. Before that I didn’t tell anyone.
  • Nobody gives a shit
    Many make fun, I’ve even had some coworkers ask if it’s contagious
  • I have recently started opening up to more people. I have to admit that even though I hate having this disease, I do feel some relief after I tell someone my story.
  • Amazing how many people know of someone with UC. Can be a great support
  • They know without me telling ALL the grueling details–but they are all my good friends and very cool about it.
  • When I start a new job I never mention it at interview stage or anything. It usually comes up when we go out for lunch & I tell them I have food allergies, & explain why (in limited detail tho!)
  • I look sick, so it is better to explain a few things than for my colleagues to worry.
  • Only my boss! As I said, my bag leaked on one occasion. I told her so that if that happened I wouldnt be told off for bunking work, just momentarily distracted!
  • I am very open about my condition. Some times they can tell when I am not feeling well.
  • Yes, co-workers and supervisor. All very supportive.
  • The people i work closely with have to know.
  • But only if I feel I need to.
  • I work at a pharmaceutical company with doctors and nurses. I tell them about my UC and my Remicade infusions.
  • Due to the absences from work due to initial hospitalization and then the odd sick day I thought I should be open and honest about the situation.
    I also discussed with work flexible work options to support me and reduce the impact on the business. They have agreed to me going part time for 6 months but unfortunately they have not reduced the work load accordingly…so that has just exacerbated my stress levels and hence UC mini flares. We are now examining the possibility of me working from home a day or two from home.
  • I never used to but recently I have found it helpful to just let people know what I am going through. Most people are very sympathetic and understanding. This also helps because if I suddenly run out of a meeting, people know why.
  • Only my close friends & my employer
  • Did not feel comfortable telling others of my condition. My own embarrassment surrounding it and fear of not being “healthy” enough to perform my job.
  • I don’t blurt it out- but when it happens to come up, it does. It is embarressing, but I have found that even when I tell people they don’t judge me- they just feel bad for me.
  • I missed a month of work
  • only my manager in case it results in time off due to sickness
  • Everyone because it stops it being a taboo subject and then people dont comment on me going to the toilet all the time.
  • My supervisor, to let him/her know why I might come in late sometimes
  • Only a few close co-workers know but don’t understand UC much.
  • Don’t have regular contact with colleagues, so dont feel able to share this intimate information
  • Virtually all my clients know about my condition but that’s because I told everyone right from the beginning of my diagnosis, it’s amazing how understanding every one is even if they don’t totally understand uc and it’s also amazing that even though none of my clients suffer from uc just how many have shared their experiences of bowel problems, eg from crones to holiday tummies and there isn’t many of them who don’t have some kind of story somewhere through their lives which is good to know us uc people really are not alone and talking is really good!
  • helps a bit but colleagues are prone to forget…
  • I have 7 clients and have only told about half of them about my colitis.
  • I feel that I’ll bring that up only when it’s absolutely necessary. If it isn’t, then that’s my private business.
  • I feel it is important other people are aware I have ulcerative colitis so they better understand me when I am not feeling well. I rather tell the world about it than having people come up with assumptions about my health. It has not only helped me but it has helped others who are afraid of discussing the topic at work or who are not aware of the treatment options out there (SCD diet, probiotics, etc.)
  • I tell everyone about it. I’d rather people understand what I’m dealing with than wonder what I’m up to.
  • It depends on the person and how comfortable I am telling them about my personal life.
  • Only my close friend. I have not told my boss. I don’t feel like there is a need for him to know since I haven’t been extremely sick and had to take more than a day off.
  • No way. I make up things to cover for having to use the bathroom or not eating like i used to.
  • After working 5 years with the same co-workers, we all know each others illnesses.
  • I just disclosed to my new boss a few months ago when I had to miss a bunch of work. This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone at any job about my UC in the 10 years since I’ve been diagnosed.
  • Not everyone….just a chosen few
  • My boss and a close friend.
  • Yes all the time. I’m pretty open about it if they want to listen.
  • Tell only a select few.
  • Only certain people
  • Just my colleagues I’m closest to and my boss
  • My boss (there is only two of us that work here) has always know that I have UC. I have always made sure that the work that HAD to be done was done and we don’t sweat the rest. Great boss!
  • But it took longer than with close friends. Somehow the situation felt more akward at work.
  • Boss. I dont volunteer but if someone asks about my weight flux or multiple runs to the restroom.
  • I told my supervisor. I go to get bloodwork done every other month for my UC/anemia and needed to fit the time off in my schedule.
  • Only the two people I directly work with know I have “stomach issues.” But that is the extent of their knowlesge.
  • Its not something that I feel I could hide due to the extent of my condition.
  • My boss
  • And what is odd is that two of my close Co workers also have been diagnosed with UC.
  • I work by myself.
  • I was admitted into hospital twice last year due to complications from UC so of course they wanted to know what was wrong, it helps to be as open as you can-even if it is embarrassing.
  • to a few people. mostly my supervisors / managers.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to let some know.
  • Just my boss
  • Only the people that need to know
  • If I’m up front less chance to loose my job.
  • I am in the military and would get fired.
  • I am very open and want people to know about it.
  • I used to say the grumbling in my stomach was b/c i was hungry.
  • Not graphic details, but they know some things.
  • I like to keep the people who I work for informed on the reasons why I leave alot to go to the bathroom and the reasons why I leave early to go home and rest

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