Disney Adventure

Meet Marc:

This is my second posting. My name is Marc and I have been fighting this disease for over 25 years. I know every bathroom in every city and can tell you which office bldgs and fast food restaurants are the best for us

Some more about me

I have a 22 year old son who is half way through law school and my wife is a family nurse practitioner. This makes it very difficult as whe wants to help but knows what can and can’t be done

Disney Adventure

Ok, so my son is about 10 years old and we are at Disney in Fla. This is a story only UC people could possibly appreciate. We have staked out a place on the parade route and are waiting about an hour for the show to start.

Well the rumbling starts and i know I have about 5 minutes to make it somewhere. I tell the family and am off to find a restroom. I do the colitis waddle holding my cheeks together all the way to tomorrowland. I figure I am safe and have made it when I see the glorious sign saying restroom.. Wrong. 1 stall and 2 little feet dangling, I plead for him to hurry up but no luck. He just swings his feet and ignores me

Desperate, I spy the urinal. What the hell. I drop trou, climb aboard and let fly. I flush really quick and get off the thing so no one thinks I am a perv. This kid comes out and i run in to finish the second half of the episode.

Some poor guy walks in and hits the urinal. He lets out a bellow , cusses and leaves. I can’t decide if I should laugh or cry.

I go back and tell the family. First they can’t believe it, then they are horrified that I had to take that action. Finally, we all see the humor of the situation and just start laughing. To this day we still go back to Disney and I look fondly at the tommorowland bridge and the rest room that saved my trip. It is hard to see a urinal without at least a smile. I doubt Disney would want this posted as a user experience!

As a 30 year UC patient I have learned that you do what you do and just move on. Its not fun or fair, but neither is life. I try to find some humor, but it is difficult.

Hang in there

written by Marc

submitted in the colitis venting area

3 thoughts on “Disney Adventure”

  1. Marc,

    I almost peed my pants laughing as I recalled all the desperate bathroom hunts I have made on family trips over the years. Thanks for making my day. . . and way to be innovative! Never thought of using the urinal but hey if its between that and my pants I’m game!

  2. Great story…sad but true…just great!!

    We’ve all had some sort of the very same thing happen in our UC sagas…lol…sheesh!

    Oh, how this condition does suck!!

    Kudos. What the heck, right? You do what you have to!


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